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For your on the air promotion, you have the choice of the following: to have the show host read a paragraph about you at the beginning and end of the show on your day or join us on the air for a five minute interview at the top of the hour on your day - it's up to you!

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Nicole Whitney, NFTS Producer / Founder / Host

Nicole Whitney, NFTS Producer / Founder / Host

News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to GOOGLE and AOL and MSN and ALEXA and and YOUTUBE and so on.

NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world.

NFTS founder, producer & host Nicole Whitney has been dubbed 'the Oprah of the Internet' by NFTS listeners.

In it's first 11 years of existence, NFTS has been called a 'movement'. This month we celebrate that and unveil our intentions for the next level of NFTS!

This offer is only available until the spots are booked (and yes, you can book more than one!)

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