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about anne marie Anne Marie Evers has worked in the personal growth field for the past thirty years, teaching the power of affirmations, creative visualization, reflexology, meditation and yoga.


"Study more than you can study,
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Anne Marie Evers
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Anne Marie is the author of "Affirmations; your passport to happiness" Buy Anne's Book

She is a columnist and writer who has appeared on numerous 'TV and radio talk shows in Canada and the U.S. She is a member of the Canadian Guidance and Counseling Association and trained at the Counselor Training Institute. She has certificates in Child Psychology 212, therapeutic, touch and Professional development Anne Marie conducts workshops and seminars on the power of Affirmations, Goal setting and Positive Thinking.

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an article by anne marie

By Anne Marie Evers

I had the pleasure of meeting James Harvey a few months ago when he called me and asked if he could meet with me. I was very impressed by this nice looking well-dressed young man. He has a kind, loving aura energy field around him. He loves music and has been involved in music since he was eighteen.

He has a band called ‘ReBeat Generation’ (an after shock of the counter culture). They are currently doing a musical tribute to the Blues and Boogie/Woogie music, which presents the Reedlemania ReView. This is an old time musical tribute to Jimmy Reed, Slim Harpo, Chuck Berry and many more of the old skool bunch.

After one and one half years of non-drinking James had to leave the place where he was living. My book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness was in his friend’s home and she gave it to him, as he was interested in it. He doesn’t know what he would have done without the book.

At our meeting he told me that my book had helped him and actually saved him from a life of negativity and any desire to go back to drinking. It had given him the tools for the life he desired. He said that I was one of the people that he wanted to thank. He used to drink quite a bit and although he says he did enjoy those drinking days, he never wants to go to back to that life.

He discovered that drinking did not help him move forward and it interfered with his life. He said he drank to help him forget and also because he did not love himself and felt that no one else really loved him. Now that he has been working with affirmations it has shown him that there is another side to life that is enjoyable without alcohol.

He was reading in my book when he was homeless and he told me that he would go to the back of the book and read, say, repeat and memorize the Short Form Affirmations.

James discovered that he was not always faithful in doing his affirmations daily as things came up. To solve the problem he created his own tape (mixing affirmations with music), which will be the basis of turning my book, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness into many CDs for children battered women, single parents, couples, etc.

“This worked wonders and really helped me in my personal, positive, self-growth as it was myself, talking to myself,” he said. I played the tape over and over. He also included other tracks saying positive talk with a mix of music.

The words sunk deep into his subconscious mind and helped him find out who he was and most importantly to forgive self and others. He made sure his energy and thoughts were not wasted on negativity.

After a while the affirmations on the mixed tape became a part of his reality and could not be taken from him. They had taken on their own life form. His body had set up an automated response system, which he had created and now all he needs to do is think positive thoughts and put himself in a thankful, peaceful state. His body is now working for him, not against him. "This, he says, “Is what I want to share with others." He says, “What you want is waiting for you to call it in. Then remember to say your thank you's. Maybe everything we want is not good for us and

I now know that is why we always say to the good of all. “We always need something and what we need is what we ask for.”

He took the Short Form Affirmations and created music tape with positive words and upbeat music. He used these tapes in the morning and in the evening and sometimes in the middle of the night. Whenever he needed energy he would put the tape on and shut himself down. It worked wonders!

He says he was always careful to add the safety clause to the good of all parties concerned and maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Miracles began happening in his life!! At the time he was affirming for a place to live, employment, jewelry and he had added to the list ..….. musical instruments. James met a new friend a couple of months before, so when it looked like James was going to be living on the street, the friend said, “Well you can stay in Jewelry Shop until you

find a place.” James had all his clothing and belongings in boxes and was sleeping under the desk until he got a Futon. When he thinks about it now, it was like a home of his choice. The friend was into music and they played instruments and sang together into the night, many friends dropped by and James made many new friends.

The jeweler friend, without knowing that James had been affirming for jewelry, made him a lovely ring with hands holding a harmonica. James kind of chuckled when he remembered back to being homeless and affirming for jewelry. One of the affirmations I have in my book Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness is for Jewelry. He thought

to himself, “Anne Marie says I can affirm (order up) jewelry so I did!” James says he never wears jewelry but for some reason he affirmed for a ring. He ended up with a beautiful ring and gorgeous silver pendant with a music note on it. Both pieces of jewelry did not cost James one penny! …………. Just an affirmation!

One day James was told that he had to leave the jewelry shop due to City regulations and he walked outside and looked up and there was his friend in a van. He jumped into the van and they started talking. His friend asked him what he was doing and offered him a job opening up and managing a new Vintage Clothing Store.

His affirmation then manifested and he received new clothes and so this, too, was the home of his choice at this time. He says he is quite particular about the type of clothes he wears and this special kind was exactly what he liked.

This store was located at Cambie & Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C. in an area where there are hard-core drugs.

He put it out again to the Universe in an affirmation (Order to the Universe) that he needed a place to live. A wonderful 87-year-old man named Richard and his daughter; Marcia picked him up from the street and offered him a place to live in their home in the Kits area. No more living out of boxes, he now has his own room, which he has fixed up to suit his own taste!

He has moved his recording unit into his room and is making tapes using the Short Form Affirmations from my book to reprogram his brain. He is turning negativity into positivity. Richard is an incredible man full of energy and caring and is now 89 going on 100 years of age. James tells me that Richard has a wonderful ministry of helping people in need. Richard and James recorded a CD call ReBeat Generation Number 1 with Richard, ‘Daddy Babb,’ and the Mount Pleasants, (kids from James’s old Day Care). This CD has been played on Rock 101, Sunday Blues and was Number 3 on the Internet Music Charts for Children. Check it out http://rebeatgeneration.iuma.com James now has a great home with two caring people.

James does not drive and during the transit strike he received a free, high quality, racing bike. He wanted a computer but he knew a computer was expensive so he decided to change the wording in his affirmation to read ‘computer access.’ A few days later his friend called and asked him to house sit his house for a couple of weeks in North Vancouver. In this home were a computer and musical instruments, which he could use. Affirmation Success! Now James had a two-week holiday in North Vancouver. In those two weeks James started putting his music on the Internet and making connections. While house sitting on the North Shore he discovered some of his acquaintances he met while playing music actually lived down the street so they got together for a coffee.

James told her jokingly that he did not know what he would do when he left the house and did not have the computer. She said, “Seriously, James we are getting a new computer and wondered if you would like our old one?” James was overjoyed and said his thank you's, were flying out of his mouth. He had arranged for a friend to go with him to pick it up from North Vancouver to Kits and that did not work. So the woman was so kind and she said she would drive the computer to his home in Kits from North Vancouver the next day if he was going to be home. Here was another affirmation manifested and delivered right to his door. Affirmation success again!

He also told me that his friends have been very generous to him as well giving him cash when he was short. Now lets recap what James has manifested –

· A place to live and a job

· Ring and pendulum

· Transportation (Racing Bike)

· 2 week vacation In North Van

· Another place to live, clothes of his choice and musical instruments

· Computer access

· Computer

· Another home in Kits

· Money when he needs it

James did day care for nine years after being away from it for three years, he did not think he would ever return to day care, but just recently an old friend offered him a position in a Day Care Facility in September.

It looks like he is going to get the position where he can create a music program with the kids.

He said, “Anne Marie now that I have The Magic Wand or Trigger Tool (the faithful use of Affirmations) to make my dreams come true, I want to give back to the Universe and help others.

When James met me he told he had received so much help from the information in my book, other people and the Universe that it was now time for him to give back. He asked if he could use some of my affirmations and put them to music in a CD. Of course I said that is a wonderful idea.

James is presently taking a course in ‘Starting Your Own Small Business,’ and is excited about opening up his own business where he can make musical CDs, create Videos teaching people how to enjoy life, while doing positive affirmations and share his talent with people worldwide. This will be a joint venture with James and myself.

Using his talent with music and using certain music old time hypnotic rhythm, He is currently designing music with lyrics that are not silly, but positive material that makes people think on a deeper level. Combining music technology, rhythm and affirmations he plans to write RapFirmations (small CDs) for children. RapFirmations is in the works and will soon be on the market!

He has designed what he refers to as RapFirmations. His idea is to combine the Children’s CD with a coloring book, with special markers that change colors. The kids will probably, at first, be more interested in the special markers, but the positive message from your book will come through. Then James is planning on making a video with kids instructing kids…………………….

Such as “Come on Sally and Joey, lets say affirmations together.” This would be a great tool to use in the schools, a type of positive self-talk aka affirmations. It will set the kids up for success every day. We all have the kid in us and we all come from the same place.

CDs for Baby Boomers – Psychedelic Affirmations They can relate to this type of music because they grew up with it. It will combine the music they know and like with positive, uplifting affirmations.

Affirmations helped him find out who he is and best of all was the teaching on Forgiveness.

He says affirmation have given him a clear insight, kept him on the right track, proved to him the power of self-talk and positivity. What you say is what you are. It helped him channel every emotion. He was able to track his thoughts and then change them where needed. When a negative thought comes to him he says, "Cancel, cancel, that is not true." Then he immediately says something positive about himself.

He says he has three affirmations posted in his room and the biggest one for him is the Forgiveness Affirmation as that is where it all began. When he did the forgiveness exercises, he started to feel forgiven. He said it and he believes it!The affirmation process is helping him to become the best human he can be.

James says he is aware that we can (and he certainly has proved it) have anything we want as long as it is to everyone’s good and there is a 50% believable energy around that desire. It is already there in your consciousness…. “All you need do is ask,” he says. He also adds that he knows everything is not going to come, but the stuff that you should have does come to you!

He said, “Anne Marie, I took a couple of years to contact you because I wanted to show you how far I had come. I know our meeting was governed by Divine Timing as I had to have a clear image in my mind how to create the RapFirmations. It would have been too early as the timing was not right. I wanted to see what I was creating and experience first hand how it worked for me. I used myself as a guinea pig.

So now after two years, I really KNOW that it has and is working and now I can come to you and say, "Anne Marie lets make your Affirmations Book into CDs with music!!" I am totally convinced they work! (… I certainly have the proof!)

Recently James said he was waiting a light and noticed a woman standing beside him. She asked him for a light. She appeared scared, confused, needed a shower and was hungry. He said he took the $2.00 he had from his pocket and bought he a slice of pizza and some bottled water. It was interesting how that light seemed to be delayed making time for them to have a little conversation. They continued it when they crossed the street. He had my Affirmations book with him and talked to her about affirmations and how they had worked in his life.

He showed her parts of the book, and told her some of the things he had manifested and she said, "Good for you." She started preaching religion to him and he said, "Oh, I totally agree with you and Jesus Christ would just love this book! It is all about forgiveness, loving self, being kind and helping others.” He said, “If a person really loves themselves, they won’t want to hurt others.” He also told her that all she really needs to accomplish what she wants in her life was to just ask and then believe.

He ran into her again in front of his friend's house and she started asking him more about affirmations. He again pointed out some pages in the book that he had used. He said I thought about it and I did not just give the book to her right away. We talked for about one half an hour and then I felt as if I should give the book to her, which I did.

When James told me the story he said, “I hope that was okay .It was my copy of the book that you signed for me.” I said, "That is great James, you did the right thing ...... just what the book teaches helping others in need. I will sign another one for you.

Right on cue, one of my Distributing Companies in the US went out of business and returned about 80 copies of my previous 4th copy - Affirmations Book.

I gave James some of these copies to give to people in need and anyone that he meets on the street that is interested in bettering their lives. I have named him my CEO of Musical Healing/Affirmations.

He is doing loving, caring work and I am so proud of him, the wonderful things he accomplishing and especially his ministry of helping others!

Way to go James!



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