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news for the soulREPORTING FROM THE LEADING EDGE OF HUMANITY'S CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLUTION SINCE JANUARY 1997 ... News for the Soul is Life Changing Talk Radio Show syndicated on the air, on the web and around the world In January 2015 we launched our NEW website and app and began numerous new expansion plans .... because what you focus on expands ... We are well established and one of the first ever shows of this kind. Our google ratings and following reflect that in many ways.

NEWS FOR THE SOUL'S EXPONENTIAL GLOBAL SYNDICATION CONTINUES: News for the Soul is now available with one click on mobile phones and iPads all over the world, SONOS systems, in-car dashboards and much more and expanding all the time. (See list below).  And our online archives are here for you to access for free 24/7 as always.



Some of the places

News for the Soul

is syndicated on:



Find us by searching for 'News for the Soul' on Aha Radio here:





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and more.



A Large loyal audience built up since our transition from newspaper to radio in 2002.


We have a significant global audience tuning in now in many ways. We have built our audience for over two decades. While numbers for most of our syndicated avenues are not trackable, as the feeds are picked up, often via RSS, and go out to multitudes of avenues for distribution, the numbers we CAN track are impressive.

The trackable numbers we have via our website and one of our main feeds are significant but only represent a tiny fraction of the total listening audience.


For example this statistic only represents ONE feed out of the other MANY:



We are heard in over 220 countries around the world. Three quarters of our listening audience hails from the U.S.


About our audience:

In January 2019 we began our 22nd year of broadcasting. We have built up a large and loyal following over nearly two decades to date, and our recent growth have been giant steps toward a whole new level of coverage.

We have many listeners who tune in in many different ways:

-- 36,000 enews subscribers + 200,000 listeners or more every month tuning into our online archives on News for the Soul dot com alone PLUS Millions of listeners world wide via:

-- terrestrial radio stations in the U.S.

-- live feeds going out to many sources worldwide

-- via BTR (we are in the top 100 featured shows on Blog Ralk Radio and of tens of thousands of shows)

-- iTunes podcasting/subscribers

-- syndication through RSS feeds

-- through apple apps including the new NFTS app

-- through google play apps including the new NFTS app

-- plus a list of affiliations and other apps and delivery systems that continues to grow every day

-- listeners in over 200+ countries worldwide and more.



FUN FACT: We are in the top 100 FEATURED shows out of 10s of 1000s of shows on BTR

-73% of our audience hails from the U.S.



Our hosts are now global as well, hailing from many countries including Canada, USA, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, The UK, New Zealand, South Africa, Dubai, Singapore and beyond.

Our special vast and exponentially growing audience is a powerful group of values-based, principally-motivated, holistic, conscious consumers.  Comprised of a new and growing generation of 'cultural creatives around the world, these are people who care about improving the quality of their lives and of the society in which they live.


Specific Demographics
76% 55,000 +
24% 80,000 +
Balanced (Gender)
51% female
49% male
high school 96%
university 59%
graduate 55%
post grad 14%
And holds major interest in the following:
Coaching and intuitive assistance 90%
Books & Audio 98%
Seminars and Education 92%
Proactive community involvement 63%
Developmental workshops and events 83%
Willing to travel to seminars, workshops and events 59%
General continuing education 68%
GREEN: recycling,  sustainability and environment 69%
Spiritual growth 89%
Personal development 69%
Health and wellness 78%
Alternative health 93%

Conscious Relationships 95%



Social Media:

Because we existed many years before anything called Social Media did, our original followers first followed us in old school methods that gradually evolved as systems launched, first flocking to NFTS founder Nicole Marie Whitney's personal facebook and other social media accounts which soon filled to capacity and merged into a 2nd page and eventually a newer NFTS page which is beginning to grow as well.


All shows are automatically connected to Facebook and Twitter, both when going live and again when being archived on NFTS.

All of our archives outsource to Soundcloud after editing and those are all auto-linked to all social media as well.

That combined with all our hosts promoting their shows on their own social media as well creates a large wave of exposure every time we go on the air.



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