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Mind Power & The Media July 1998 - An Interview With John Kehoe

by nicole m whitney, dgnd

What we imagine, concentrate on or visualize in our minds will actually manifest into reality.

This is the concept behind the thing and teachings of John Kehoe. The 50 year old Vancouver resident, best selling author, motivational speaker, multimillionaire and philanthropist has written several books and spoken at venues around the world on this very subject since 1978.

Knowing John's theory, this writer posed the following question:

"If what you say is true, what is the effect of the current theme of negativity and sensationalism in the mainstream media?

And I was very surprised at his initial response.

"I'm an avid newspaper reader. I especially enjoy reading the New York Times."

In fact John loves the New York Times so much - especially the Sunday issue - that, when his time comes, he wants to be "buried with a crisp fresh copy at his side".

(note to self - never assume ....)

However,a polarity of views soon emerged in John's love affair with the print media with his next words.

"I think the media has the powers over your thoughts and health and all things that you're going to manifest in your life.," Kehoe said. "The media has a social responsibility that has never been addressed."

"The media is not like particular products where they sell them and you can comparison shop; the media feeds the consciousness - the intellect of the community. People rely on the media to get their information."

Clearly a problem when someone bases their perception of their world and their reality upon the information and images they receive through the mainstream media, he said.

"The media is fixated on sensationalism but negative sensationalism. Rapes, murders, frauds - they're the mainstay of the media."

But Kehoe says the world seen through the media's eyes is an opposite reality to the one he sees us in.

"It is my personal belief that for every rape, for every fraud, for every murder, you have a thousand acts of kindness going on every day."

The only difference, he says, is we don't hear about all that because it's 'not newsworthy' .

"God forbid our perspective of the world be based on the media. You would assume the whole world is falling apart, most people are scoundrels and people are getting murdered all the time."

But a lot of people do believe all of these things.

"A lot of people live in fear."

Kehoe suggests media should be held responsible - accountable for its actions and the effects it is having on communities around the world.

"And the government has not recognized this."

Kehoe says education might be one answer.

"Very few people recognize the role consciousness has in your life. I've been teaching this for 20 years and I would way that only about 5% of people know and understand this stuff.

And once educated, the negative effects of any outside influences can be lessened greatly.

So what of this love for the New York Times?

When Kehoe reads a newspaper he "feeds his mind", he says. He reminds himself that what he is reading is not a representation of the world but "only a fraction of reality".
"That's the mistake that people are making. They think it represent s the whole reality"

Kehoe says 95% of media focus caters to the most negative and sensationalistic coverage. Meanwhile, he says reality itself is 95% positive - essentially the complete opposite of what the mainstream media is, in some way, inferring through its choice and balance of coverage.

"It's very interesting, isn't it."

Awareness, he says, is the bottom line.

"Then you can accept the media a lot better. Not to boycott it because you'll find yourself ill informed. It serves a purpose but the media does have to become more socially responsible too."

John Kehoe was recently being interviewed on a radio show in South Africa. After listening to a newscaster's report during a five minute break, he commented to the reporter - "gee, I guess nothing good happened in South Africa today".

"He didn't get it. But when he was gone, we got into it (on the show) because there was a whole lot more that happened in South Africa that day."

And Kehoe maintains his own positive outlook for the future of the world.

In fact, he believes that the human race is going to experience a "shift in reality".

"I think our next evolutionary change on this planet is going to be a shift in consciousness ~ not on an individual basis but everybody, all at the same time."

He compares his theory to the aster beam concept where the atoms of light energy are vibrating at different frequencies until only one tenth of one percent of them are synchronized.

"Then the whole thing shifts and concentrates to the same level to become that laser beam. I think the same thing is going to happen in our consciousness. That's why every individual is so important with our transformation on our planet. Once you have a certain number of people on the planet all thinking a certain way then there will be a shift. Suddenly everybody's going to get it."

Then, he says, it doesn't seem like such an overwhelming task.

"How about you don't have to convince everyone. You just have to get that magic number - I don't know what that number is - but what if?"

Focus on ourselves, what can we personally do to help, he adds.

"Start with yourself. Say, what can I do? The most important thing is to change your own consciousness."

Kehoe says we are all connected somehow and our subconscious mind serves as the portal to that connection.

"When you're down on yourself and you have hate and anger you are polluting the whole thought environment."

He says this theory can be applied in practical ways.

"If everyone is going around saying the planet is falling apart, the pollution levels are going up, etc, all of it might be true but focusing on hopelessness creates that negative image and fuels it. It doesn't help it. Yes ~ be aware of it, but bring in positive things. We, the human race, can put a man on the moon. Don't tell me that we can't figure out how to clean up this planet. I'm just saying how about if we have an image of the planet healing itself and that's the image we focus on instead. Focus on the planet healing rather than on the planet dying. From my perspective it makes a huge difference which on it is."

John Kehoe recently returned to his home in Deep Cove from a five month tour which covered many countries including South Africa, New Zealand, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Egypt and India. His books include Mind Power, Money Success & You and The Practice of Happiness. Most titles are available in our book store HERE or in actual book stores everywhere.

about john kehoe

JOHN KEHOE, writer, speaker, philanthropist and socially responsible citizen, was born in Toronto and now resides in Vancouver, Canada. In 1975, he withdrew to the wooded seclusion of the British Columbia wilderness to spend three years in intensive study and contemplation of the inner workings of the human mind. By borrowing freely from a wide variety of scientific and spiritual sources, and by applying his own shrewd observations and insights, Kehoe was able to forge the first straightforward and successful program for developing mind power. In 1978, he began traveling and teaching people the principles he had formulated, and the phenomenal success of his speaking tours soon grew to literally encompass the world. Mind Power Into the 21st Century has sold 500,000 copies and has become an international bestseller, translated and published in a multitude of countries including France, Germany, Japan and Korea. John has also written three other books, Money, Success & You, A Vision of Power and Glory and The Practice of Happiness.

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