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Gifts for the Soul 2oo4 ,. Back for a 3rd year, here's another opportunity to get out of the mall and really make a difference this gift giving season - along with many others who are doing the same! It is our great pleasure and honour to bring you, yet again, another amazing line up of wonderful guests for the soul (scroll down to meet them!):

This is how News for the Soul does business Networking - from the Heart and the place of knowing there is enough for everyone, that competition is an illusion and that we all bring our very own unique piece of the puzzle to the table of life and only when we are all working together will we truly be able to see the big picture. These sponsored guests for the soul spots feature brave souls who have already stepped out of the mainstream, are now following their path, are making a difference in their own way, and are inspiring others to do the same. Please honour them for being here by supporting them kind when possible.

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gifts for the soul
D e c e m b e r ... 2 0 0 3 - Kindness, stories and more with Dr Joe Powers

Sharing stories and encouraging kindness that leaves an imprint on ones soul... Our guest - Dr Joe Powers from New Jersey - is a psychologist, kinesiologist and the founder of Soul Graffiti dot com. Subscriptions are free and sharing stories and focusing on kindness is encouraged! Website link > - Sound Wave Energy with Nicole La Voie

After experiencing a near death experience and incredible health challenges with both herself and her son, French Canadian Nicole La Voie's discovered a healing world involving frequency and sound! Website link >

Worried about EMF radiation levels in your environment? Ken Lesser has a some great soul-utions which would make great gifts for anyone you care about ... Tune in to find out what happened when Dannion Brinkley tried Ken's "comfort clock".... Website link >

Mikael Zayat introduces us to an incredible world of Essential Oils, Flower of Life medallions, the and the spiritual aspects to aromathereapy... Website link >

Jonathan Vontrapp spoke to us from the U.K. about how anyone with little or no website knowledge can launch a website for under $300 USD and achieve TOP web search rankings in just one month!! Website link >


Donna McGowan - Gifts for the Spirit Event

She says, after this seminar, you'll never need to seek out a psychic again! Empower yourself through this 2 day Vancouver event which "introduces you to your higher self". Donna's next Gifts for the Spirit seminar is coming up in January 2004 so call her now for more info! (604) 924 9895- or 1-800-924 2151.

Native Performer, teacher, and highly respected News for the Soul regular guest Leonard Eagle Cloud is producing his 14th CD and is holding a fundraiser draw for the project funding. Buy a raffle ticket and win a great prize (Leonard says everyone wins!) Call him at (604) 988 8322 or visit him online at Website link >

Offering the gift of health, Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn D.D tells Nicole and Dannion about her healing gift as a medical intuitive and how she works with people remotely from anywhere in the world... Website link >


GettheGlow .com

Seattle author Sally Veillette (aka the Goddess of Glow) documents her own journey from chronic fatigue to a life of passion and enthusiasm in her book "Coming to Your Senses; soaring with your soul!" Website link >

(Remember to type in the code SOULNEWS if you are buying the book at her website so that 15% proceeds will go to a local charity)

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Psychic biofeedback GAME!! Click to discover the Wild Divine >




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