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Gifts for the Soul 2oo4 ,. Back for a 3rd year, here's another opportunity to get out of the mall and really make a difference this gift giving season - along with many others who are doing the same! It is our great pleasure and honour to bring you, yet again, another amazing line up of wonderful guests for the soul (scroll down to meet them!):

This is how News for the Soul does business Networking - from the Heart and the place of knowing there is enough for everyone, that competition is an illusion and that we all bring our very own unique piece of the puzzle to the table of life and only when we are all working together will we truly be able to see the big picture. These sponsored guests for the soul spots feature brave souls who have already stepped out of the mainstream, are now following their path, are making a difference in their own way, and are inspiring others to do the same. Please honour them for being here by supporting them kind when possible.

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Halina Kacicki Healer, counselor, intuitive & founder of Angels of Mary - an open-hearted organization that helps those in need. Website:
Arlene Arnold Color is Arlene’s passion and her expertise. During her training to be a Spiritual Guide and Healing Facilitator, she learned to work with color.Website:
Ellen Chernoff Simon,
M.S., M.Ed., L.P.C., B.C.I.A.C. - the creator of a unique 3 prong approach to life changing CDs and programs Website:
Dr. James V. Hardt - Brain Wave Feedback expert and creator of the Biocybernaut Institute's Biocybernaut method, a 7 day adventure toward lasting change... Location: San Francisco, CA Website: b Cindy Pickard The Rites of passage project is doing amazing work in helping people going through death & dying & the grieving process. Website: Visit Rites of Passage > b William Arntz - director & screenwriter of the consciousness movie phenomenon What The Bleep Do We Know Click here to read about William Arntz. >
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Dr. Rudy Scarfalloto is a healer, teacher & chiropractor & author of The Alchemy of Opposites & 90 Days of Inner Integration. Location: Arizona



JoAnne Scalise - Founder of Cradle of Light CoCreations where you can enjoy completely individualized 'mastery meditations'.


Edgar Cayce Oil Drilling Project George Schwimmer Phd describe a planned project based on the psychic predictions of Edgar Cayce along with supportive information from professionals in the oil biz world who are collectively fund raising now with the intention of drilling for "the mother pool" of oil in the San Saba region. Website ->
Elizabeth Chandler is the owner and visionary behind Fleuressences - a company devoted to the co-creation of healing combinations of flower essences "with assistance from the spiritual realm."

  Joyce Shafer - a numerologist with 20+ years experience. She
conducts numerology workshops, has done call-in programs with radio stations around the country, and presented on numerology at the International Forum for New Science. Shafer resides in the New York City area and can be reached by email at

Marion White - .... Taking remote healing & energy work to another level with biofeedback software by a former nasa scientist... Website:

Stephen Austen is a clairvoyant medium, healer, channel, author and metaphysician based in the B.C. area.

  Mythoself - Joseph Riggio is the visionary mind behind the life changing Mythoself seminars now being hosted around the world. Christa Resources promotes the works and teachings of Adriene Wentworth, spiritual healer, teacher and spokesperson for the Source and the Spiritual Hierachies that watch over and guide Humanitity and the Earth. Website:

"True being is never negative, limited, stubborn or stuck -- it is always enthusiastic, knowing true being is a sense and feeling we all have. "

Catherine Athens - Counsellor and healer.


  Geoffrey Hoppe who channels 'Tobias'. According to the Crimson Circle website, "Tobias is part of a spiritual group called the Crimson Council. This council has the spiritual purpose of teaching the use of energies on this planet and other places in Creation. Tobias and the Crimson Council bring an energy of wisdom and love, and a perspective from the other side of the veil. ". Website:

Doug Perry is the creator behind The Focusable Energy Field Generator (FEFG) uses Light Resonance therapy to charge the cells of the body and induce healing. This powerful machine is one of the first portable machines of its kind.



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