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"If we won't be better tomorrow than we were today, then what do we need tomorrow for?"

Rabbi Nahman

The signatures and, in some cases, comments:


Benjamin Harris
Abiquiu, NM USA

Deborah Clemens
Hobart, IN, USA
comments Anger, hate, fear, and prejudice is at the heart of these horrors. Let us resolve to address the root cause instead of the symptoms. Let peace, wisdom, mercy, and justice be our watch-words. If we succumb to feelings of vengeance, we only perpetuate that which has brought these horrible acts into being. Let this be a wake-up call to adhere to the higher standard of love and forgiveness.

Don Giberson
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Comments: Mr. Bush, you have been given an amazing opportunity; a rare chance to truly leave a legacy. Will you seize this opportunity or will you squander it? Will you respond with force; further igniting your attckers' hatred and triggering more attacks? Or will you rise above and demonstrate your true stature as a statesman? Hatred cannot be defeated by hatred; only by love, compassion and understanding. May God bless you and guide you during this difficult time.

donna dean
N.Little Rock,AR.,USA
comments Thank you all ...

Minneapolis, MN

mair smith
Edmonton AB Canada

Carol Waters

Melantha Tatum
Pacific Palisades

Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada

comments I send my prayers to all the victims of this horrific tragegdy. We need to come together to find a solution to deal with these evil people that commit these acts of terrorism

Marianne Dowhaniukj
Vancouver, BC, Canada

aria do Carmo
Ponta Delgada - Açores Portugal

Celest Fournier
Truckee, CA USA

christine Rich
Asheville,NC usa

shirley white
pleasant garden nc usa

Teresa Zhang
New Orleans usa

comments We are ONENESS, the nationalism, religionism, and any kind of forms of seperation are only our core and curel illusion.

Tim Thompson
Pukalani, HI USA

Rita and Chris Davis
Beverley 2562


Kathouz Productions
Maple Ridge, BC CANADA
Sadness fills our hearts with the HATE of others. The stab[s] in the hearts of humanitarians and healers all over the world. We want to bring peace to our people and require your system to open up a path for humanity to florish through the people. Make it simpler. Let the shiny souls come forth and run things. We are here to bring hope and spirit to you. Love your life today and allow spirit to come into your hearts. Ground to the earth and love and pray for humanity to come together to heal the hearts of hate, or destroy the evil where it stands.

Juile Abbott
Asheville, NC

June Mewhort
Woodville,Ontario Canada
comments It is time to do some soul searching about the lack of spirituality in the capitalist world.

Tim Hedger-Gourlay
Long Ditton Surrey

Gabriel Valda
Brighton MA, 02135

Fiona Hedger-Gourlay
Long Ditton, Surrey

Carol S. Wright
Cincinnati, OH. USA

Agathe Mathieu
North Vancouver British Columbia Canada
comments everybody looses in power game

Jim Stanley
Tyler, TX 75704

Jill Crouch
New Milton Hants ENGLAND

comments Please try to consider what the USA Government has done to attract this violence. Consider maybe the foreign policy over the years has not been fair but the greed of the affluent nations.

Owen Gaskell
St. Powell River, B.C.

Denise St-Germain
Quebec, Canada

Anne Cummings
Athens, GA comments
no more war. find peace instead

Echo Haelstromme
Victoria, BC Canada
comments I emplore the USA to act out of justice and long term thinking rather than anger and desire for retribution. Any military attack on the Middle East could lead us into a full scale nuclear war. This is a war no one can win. Do not meet violence with violence.

Sharon Mullane

Gari Lewis
Belfair, WA usa

Kelly Kerr
Victoria, BC canada

Jodine Cognato
Nevada City, CA usa

malibu ca usa

Allison MacLaughlan
Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

Michael Nathanson
Vancouver, Canada

Marianna Barber-Starkey
North Vancouver
BC, Canada
comments: Great love and compassion is needed now to heal this situation, and the general state of our world. The more vicious the attack, the deeper the fear, anger and pain within those who perpetuated the attack, and the greater the call for help, the call for love. Someone, some government in the world has to show truly inspired and Divine leadership by stepping out of the game, by no longer playing by our useless and disasterous rule of "you push me, I'll push you back harder." This is a fear based way to play; it has never worked in the past and it doesn't work now. For real solutions and real peace, we must turn to the greatest force available to us....Love.

deborah rumens
venice, ca usa

Catherine Tkach
Calgary, Alberta
5 Canada

Nancy Miller
Prescott, AZ USA

Karin Jordan
Edmonds WA

nn Petrich
Seattle, Wa. usa

Michèle BAUX


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more signatures:

Nuno Amador
Lisbon, Portugal

Lauren McLaughlin
Blue Springs, MO usa comments
I pray that we do not react in haste - and in doing so - become terrorists in return

Sydney King
Oakland Ca, usa

Ursula Bux
West Vancouver, BC

kitty mulligan
Penticton bc canada

Dr. Steven J. Weller
North Vancouver

Frances Allden
New Westminster BC canada comments

roy hetherington
surrey b,c, canada

Marion Culhane
Valley, CA usa

Charonne Sinclaire
West Vancouver,
BC Canada

Maite Yago
La Seu D'Urgell, LLeida, Spain

Christina Giles
San Francisco CA usa comments Dear Sirs, Please take note of the ideas presented here. Your calm, centered, peaceful action is required. We are only limited by our choices. This is a test to the dignity of unity within all of us, stay whole in your choice for peace. Thank you.

Teresa Marie
Westerville, OH usa comments May peace begin with us. Connect to Source

Peggy Chipkin
Mill Valley, Ca USA

Peter de Castell
Lunenburg, N.S. Canada

Barbara Criswell
Kansas City, MO USA

Holly Emmerson
Calgary, Ab Canada

Rene E. St. Louis
Vancouver,bc, Canada

Rachel Galbraith
Trail BC Canada

Fawn Duchaine
Vancouver, BC canada

ashie hirji
northvancouver,b.c. Canada

Merti Whirlwind Horse
Spearfish, SD, USA

Gabriele O'Neill
Los Angeles, CA,
United States of America

Jacquie Brock
Powell River B.C. canada

L.A. Saunders
Blaine, Washington U.S.A

leah cotler
Seattle, Wa.usa

Teresa Amaral
Ponta Delgada

Cori Elllingson
Calgary, AB Canada
comments This is an opportunity to find new ways of acting and reacting since we are all in this together on the planet and must consider the whole for the best solution.

Betty Johson
Ventura, Ca USA

Suzanne Rose
Centreville, VA usa

Roger Randall
Powell River B.C. Canada

Debrah Rafel
Vancouver, BC Canada

Kelly Sundby
Rockford, IL USA

Tammy Kruize
Delta, BC , Canada
comments I am in deep shock, trying to grasp this major loss of innocent lives. I sincerely hope that the World Leaders will turn to God for the right answers to this major tragedy!

Matthew S. Kurzava
Richland, MI usa

Dianne Harding
Port Coquitlam. BC Canada

Peggy Farrell
nc usa

jeff rockwell
Osaka, Japan

Rose Thoroski
Vancouver, BC Canada comments At a loss for words, except, May God guide us!!

Victoria, B.C Canada

Amanda Miller
Cranberry Twp. PA

Brenda Tataryn
Victoria,B.C. Canada

comments Peace for all innocents.

Sue Loshkajian
Portland OR 97212

Iris St. Pierre
Bellingham, Wa. usa

comments I am aligned that there be a solution that results in lasting peace, harmony and love for all the people on the planet, and that there be an end to hatred. Iris St. Pierre

Carmen DeVida.
Pacific Grove, CA usa

Anna Lyczak
Tullio Clinton Twp,MI USA

Komang Kodi
comments Priantinsemoga tidak terulang lagi ada teroris.Damai di dunia silakan.

Pavla Michaela Polcarova
Street, Vancouver, B.C. canada

Brenda Kehau
PDX Or usa

natalie forstbauer
vancouver, bc canada

R. Ariann Thomas
Sedona, AZ

Gregg Schmidt
Chile, SouthAmerica comments:
There nothing I can say that many others haven't already. There is no other enemy than the violence itself. STOP IT! Right and wrong no longer count.

Sharon Douglas

Erna Twechuizen
comments Terrible, let us hope that this never happen again. Let us have peace and love for eachothers. No words to say about this tragedi. Terrible.

Leica Nelson
Nelson, BC, Canada

Eseta Loganimoce
Vancouver, BC CANADA
comments: I have said my prayers on Wednesday morning for the President that he has spiritual guidance from God in this disaster and prayed to God also that he reveals all who is responsible for this evil acts. I have prayed that there won't be a War but peace will continue as usual for the good of nation and the people on this earth. Thanking you. Eseta Neileqe Loganimoce

Robin Juhasz
Fair Oaks, CA USA

Robert Lowis
Fountain Hills, AZ usa

María Isabel Cetina Rosas
Yucatán, México.comments: Not war please!!!

Robin Juhasz.
Fair Oaks, CA usa

Csilla S. Moffat
Budapest Hungary

Nancy Lee Melmon
Sedona AZ usa

Paul Rostorotsky
Toronto Ontario Canada

Reverend Ann Palmer
Palm Springs, CA usa
comments: GOD IS LOVE! Murder of innocent is NOT love. This was done by rabid non-humans that wish to die, therefore we should help them by sending them to their next life as soon as possible. Anyone in the world participating in terrorism must be eliminated to have PEACE and express LOVE in the world!

Karen Johnson
Cottonwood, Arizona usa

Heather Fox

Jeremy Tomlinson
Calgary AB CANADA - comments not to condone this heinous terrorist attack but the U.S. has obviously done some things in the past and continues to do them that have perpetuated and provoked this course of action. Take the high road and show some forward thinking and Do not retaliate and make this into the first battle of an ongoing and escalating war. Look for a long-term solution to this problem.






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