Does Going to a REAL Health Practitioner take More Time by Dr Holly on NFTS

Last Update: June 20, 2018 at 11:24 am

Going to a REAL Health Practitioner takes more time – Right?


by Dr Holly

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As usual, the answer is not as straight forward as you would think. In many cases, it is even more short term than Conventional Western medicine. In other cases, it is more long term. Why?

I have worked with cases where people have come in with huge abscesses and/or other issues in their mouth accompanied by a lot of pain. We have been able to eliminate both in hours!! They were able to avoid all the anti-biotics and the suggested surgeries!!

On the other hand, there are issues that can take a long period of time. What determines how long it takes.

Again, as usual, there are a number of issues that contribute to the process:

  • How long has the dysfunction/imbalance/disorder been developing
  • How many other systems, organs, cellular processes, toxicities, deficiencies, etc. issues been accumulating
  • How many other systems, organs, cellular processes, toxicities, deficiencies, etc. have been compromised along the way
    1. Even before you were aware of any symptoms
    2. While you have been aware of symptoms
  • How many prescriptions have you taken that have actually made the whole process worse by:
    1. depleting the body of nutrients
    2. by increasing the number of toxins in the body
  • What is the pH of the GIT system; the blood; organs etc.
  • What is the balance of probiotics in the gut and other organs
  • What is the inflammatory/immune situation like in the GIT
  • What is the mindset – hopeful and knowing the body can re-engage in healing vs angry, frustrated, despairing that good health will never return
  • What is the diet like – people often think they have a good diet, but it is the wrong diet for them, for instance, they are vegan when the body needs paleo; or they eat a lot of bell peppers, legumes and grains when they are lectin intolerant
  • What protocol needs to be addressed first, for instance, if the liver is toxic or inflamed or has non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder, you can’t clean out the liver before you make sure the GIT is functioning well or you compound the problem
  • How does your body respond to the protocol?

I have worked with clients that need huge doses to have an effect and I have worked with others who have major reaction to incredibly small or homeopathic dosages. Each body is different.

Bottom line, as with so many issues, there is no simple answer. We all know that we are all unique and individual and so the protocol needs to be customized to fit your body.

That is a huge issue in Conventional Western medicine. They look at what is called the “normal population curve” and apply it to everyone. But we all now that one profile of symptoms can have a huge number of causes, and interacting domino effects, resulting in the symptoms you went in to see the MD for, AND again each body responds differently. So again, we need to take the time, to understand the given body and how it responds, as well as, getting to the root of the problem.

We have all heard many analogies about underlying issues with health, for instance, there is no sense spraying the spots on the leaf of the tree when the problem is in the root, ie., damp roots or wrong pH in the soil or deficiencies in the soil minerals or heavy metal toxins in the soil, or, or, or.

Well the same issues occur in our health. Usually it takes time, not 10 minutes in a MD’s office, to determine what is causing the underlying issue(s); which systems/organs/cells have been compromised and what needs to be done to resolve the problems. Often times, we find in today’s world, that the prescribed drugs are actually at the root of the problem. So many drugs deplete the body of nutrients that the body requires in order to function properly. Then the client goes to the MD with more symptoms and gets prescribed more drugs, which continue to cause more problems and don’t address the underlying problem which continues to get worse as well. We end up with people on huge amounts of drugs that are costing to both the health and to the wallet.

And of course, to reiterate one more time, how a given body responds to different protocols.

So, what to do? Find a good health practitioner and get to the “root” of the problem and start working at resolving that rather than bandaging up the problem with legal drugs that cause additional problems.


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