Dr Holly’s latest research on Covid Vaccines

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DATE:  Sept. 2020

Dr Holly’s latest research on Covid Vaccines


Okay this is getting really interesting. You have heard me and many others discuss the reality of covid 19. There are a great number of scientists and researchers and physicians around the world who are coming forward now and acknowledging how all the covid “fear mongering” is just utter nonsense and why.

But now we have more and more coming forward and talking about this new type of vaccine that is being introduced. For instance, if you go to Dr Carrie Madej on YouTube and listen to her program called “Human 2.0”? A Wake up Call To The World” she talks about, as many others have already discussed, how this new vaccination is very different.

She discusses an idea called transhumanism.

She talks about people like Elon Musk (founder of Space X and Tessler Automotive) and Ray Kurzweil (Big guns in Google) self proclaimed transhumanists.

Others include

Front runners for the vaccine – history – how to make the vaccine

Moderna – front runners for the covid vaccine – founded by Derek Rossi from Harvard – who was successful in taking modified RNA and reprogram a stem cell – so it is genetically modified.

So you modify something by making modified RNA. Moderna was founded on this technology. This will be the first pharmaceutical that they have introduced.

Moderna was in the new because of its fast tracking the vaccine – it has gone through phase 1 to 2  & 3  which normally takes a good 5-8 years, but has done this from March through august of this year. Where have all the safety, replication, and all the other variables necessary gone?

Phases 2 – only use 45 humans –

Everyone in the study – that had the high dose – 100% had systemic issues. In the low dose – 80% had the systemic side effects. Now this is obviously a short-term study – we have no idea about the long term effects.

Based on prior animal studies using this kind of technology, there was increased cancer rates, autoimmune disorders, increased mutagenesis, etc.

Microneedle platform – developed by MIT – can be mass produced – and can be self administered – shipped to your home – as you take the sticker off you have vaccinated yourself. The strip you peel off in effect has little tiny needles of hydrogel inside which is an enzyme called luciferase and the vaccine (which is modified RNA – a code for a part of the virus) itself. This was actually was designed after a snake bite.

The theory is that, as your body gets the modified virus, your immune system starts to create antigens that will help protect you against the virus. But so does natural herd immunity.

Next, lets look at transfection – it is how we make modified organisms. Like fruits and vegetables that are GMO.

What do we know about GMO foods? Whether fruit, vegetables or fish – it doesn’t matter – they are not as strong; they don’t keep reproducing – usually a 3 yr cycle is all they have – and they don’t have the nutrient profile. We don’t want them.

So lets go over each component of the vaccination:

The first component is the hydrogel: a product created by DARPA – dept of advanced research projects agency, which is a subgroup of the Dept of Defense. The question that came up for me right away was why is the Dept of Defense involved in medicine? Hmmm.

Okay so hydrogel is a nanotechnology. Now nanotechnology is huge in research in today’s world. It is involved in a lot of different things – from your nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals to food to various materials – for instance, it can make steel stronger and almost transparent; it makes solar panels cheaper and more efficient, but in this case it is being used in vaccinations. If you want more information on the uses of nanotechnology go to www.iberdrola.com/innovation/nanotechnology-applications.

Many diabetics are already utilizing nanotechnology to monitor blood sugar levels – it is a non-invasive patch you put on your skin which allows you to monitor your glucose levels without a pin prick. That sounds good – doesn’t it?

In this case the nanoparticling we are looking at is what some people are calling “microscopic” robots. They can build up or break down compounds or make new compounds. It is a form of AI aka artificial intelligence. This particular nanotechnology is called hydrogel – it has the ability to connect with your iPhone, smart device, etc.

What?  Yes! It will have the ability to in effect report on your blood sugars or nutrient levels; whether you have taken your medicine or illegal drugs; menstrual cycle or other health conditions like your mood etc.

So apart from what it does to the body – think about the sociology of it all. Where is your privacy? Where are your choices or your rights? Who has access to this information and for what reasons?

Another question becomes, if information can be sent; can information be received? If it is received, what is being downloaded into us?

Now, if we are vaccinating humans with a modified GMO (or modified RNA vaccine) what is that going to do to our DNA/RNA?

We have already determined that the bacteria in our gut can alter our DNA/RNA – so if we are injecting a GMO RNA – what is that going to do to our DNA?

Transfections are often temporary. But this isn’t always the case. If our bodies, or in particular, our genome, takes up this GMO RNA that is being injected – that what is that going to do to us? To our DNA? What is the answer? We have no idea and won’t know for years.

Remember, this is synthetic – its not real – not from nature. If something is synthetic – it can be patented. What does that mean in the future of our genome or genetics? Will our very genetics get patented? The moral and ethical implications for what might happen down the road is really scary.

Third component: remember I said the enzyme involved was called luciferase? Most enzymes end in “ase” but you need to question the name. Why luciferase? That’s pretty powerful name and not with a positive connotation.

Luciferase has bioluminescent qualities which means it can produce a light source or a chemical reaction that produces light within a species. Several species have it already, for instance, a firefly, bacteria and fungi to name a few. When different species use it – it is for specific purposes: hunting, defense and mating.

There is a really good YouTube that simply explains the process of Luciferase, simply called Luciferase.

But why do we need it. Well it means they can scan you to make sure you have the vaccination. You will be able to scan it with a phone and it will provide a digital code or imprint. It will basically give you not only an ID number but will hold your vaccination record.

Talk about control. Talk about Fascism! Are you wanting some group of people to be able to track you; your pharmaceutical levels; nutrient levels; mood levels; and who know what all else? Who is this group of people? Why does anyone need to track me?

So, lets do some research on your own:

– look into the Dept of defense and DARPA

– why is the dept of defense involved in our vaccinations

Again we come against Bill and Melinda Gates:

  • Why are they interested in this?
  • What is their track record – think of the vaccination they introduced to Africa that left all the females non-fertile
  • Family of eugenics – population control – his father also had a great interest in this
  • On video they have talked about how they could decrease the population by 10-20% – who determines who is eliminated and why

Lets start looking at “gene drive technology” aka “gene extinctor technology”

Are they looking at exterminating entire species and now perhaps populations? How does this effect our eco system? How does this effect us?

And of course a question we come against repeatedly: Why do manufacturers have no liability for vaccinations – no mater what happens to you – systemic or not – they have no liability!!!




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