Is Pine Needle Extract an antidote for the covid jabs?

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Is Pine Needle Extract an antidote for the covid jabs?

by Dr Holly, heard Wednesdays at noon pst on News for the Soul Radio


Pine Needle Extract…

This is a very interesting article, if you are interested in finding an antidote for the covid jabs. We have
heard, read, researched all kinds of articles on what the vaccines can do to the body.
There are several articles and videos on how the jab can cause a magnetic effect at the point of

We have heard about the shedding and the transmission. They are two different processes that a virus
can be involved in.

So what is the answer? Well some people claim the compounds Suramin and shikimic acid might be the
solution. Suramin is the drug made from the compound and used to treat various issues associated like
malaria, African sleeping sickness and river blindness. Tamiflu is made from shikimic acid, found in
various coniferous trees and used to treat virus infections.

From what I understand, the highest concentration is found in Pine trees, although cedars and other
trees may also contain the compound.

So what is suramin and what does it do? Suramin is a drug used to treat malaria. It inhibits the
components of the coagulation cascade as well as prevents the replication and modification of DNA and
RNA. Pine needle extract has also been used to treat cancer, inflammation, pain, respiratory infections,
stress and depression, and kills parasites – you gotta love it! So why isn’t this well-known?
Well, I think you know the answer to that…follow the money honey.

So why is this all important to the covid and the jab? Let’s remember that viruses typically only have
RNA and use our DNA. As we have said repeatedly, viruses can replicate in as short a period as 15
minutes. Some take hours, some days, some longer. They are all different. Further, viruses naturally
replicate in order to accommodate to our systems as much as possible. Just like bacteria, we have
millions of viruses in us all the time.

Let’s take a side trip here – very important. Western conventional medicine is based on the Germ
Theory which has never been proven. You have probably heard of the age of fight of Germ Theory
proposed by Luis Pasteur versus the terrain theory proposed by Bechamp. Germ theory states that the
germ causes the infection. Terrain theory claims that the germ cannot survive in a healthy environment
and therefore it is the environment. If you have an unhealthy internal environment, the pathogen can
and will survive. If you are healthy, the pathogen will not survive. Even with simple logic, and without all
the evidence, terrain theory just makes so much more sense.

All the evidence has always supported the terrain theory not germ theory!! Even Pasteur, it is said,
admitted he was wrong on his death bed.

But then Rockerfeller came along and started to control Western Conventional medicine. Provided funds
to the medical schools that went along with him. He negated and attempted to eliminate all the natural
methods of healing that worked so well. I am sure you have all heard the story.

Bechamp was right all along

Well along with Western medicine and as Big Pharma grew both financially and power and control, so
did the understanding of bacteria. Western medicine & Big Pharma came up with the solution that was
going to revolutionize Western conventional medicine – the antibiotic!!

Problem, medical science was also discovering that we need bacteria! As you have probably heard by
now, there are over 35,000 species of bacteria in our gut – 10 gut bacteria to every 1 cell in the whole
body – note this does not include the bacteria throughout the rest of our body!! If we look at just the
gut bacteria alone, we find that they not only help us digest our food; they work interactively with our
immune system; they produce all kinds of compounds from precursors to enzymes, to
neurotransmitters. In fact, without them we would not be alive. So much for all bacteria being bad.
Interestingly, the profile of your gut bacteria is like a fingerprint, it is very unique to you.
This is why, for the last couple of decades, health practitioners have been warning against the overuse
of anti-biotics, which kill all the bacteria, not just the bad guys.

Okay so now let’s return to the focus of the article – viruses not bacteria. In recent years, Western
conventional medicine has shifted from the focus of the bacteria being the bad guy to the virus being
the bad guy. Well, once again they are wrong. In fact, about 8% of our DNA comes from viruses!!

Ancient Viral Invaders in Our DNA Help Fight Today’s Infections

So viruses, like bacteria, can be a necessary component of our human makeup. If we are unhealthy, and
in particular, have an unhealthy immune system, then pathogenic viruses and bacteria, can have an
impact. The impact is directly correlated with our current state of health. Yes, there are some which can
cause more lasting and more devastating problems, but they are relatively few.

Just think of the cold/flu that typically goes around every year. They are made up of 100s of viruses and
bacteria, from influenzas A, B & C (
between-influenza-a-b-and-c-) to the retroviruses to the adenoviruses to the coronaviruses. Often half
the people you know come down with the flu. And the vast majority get over it as their immune systems
adjust and fight it off.

If the virus cannot live successfully in our cells and replicate, these viruses continue to mutate. They
need our cellular tools of enzymes and DNA in order to mutate and survive. For the most part they
either mutate and adjust or die off. Once in a while, we will see a major pandemic, something like the
Justinian Plague of 541; the Black Plague of 1347; or the third plaque or Hong Kong plaque of 1894 and
that will kill off a lot of people. But we haven’t seen anything like that for a long time. Why?
Predominantly because we have worked hard to clean up the water supplies around the world.

The History of Plague – Part 1. The Three Great Pandemics

However, some viruses and bacteria mutate and adjust so well they become part of our systems and
benefit our systems. Like we said, some of our DNA is viral driven. That’s amazing. In fact, we have a
type of virus that creates a necessary barrier between the mother and the fetus. Our mitochondria, that produces
cellular fuel, was apparently its own bacteria at one time. It even has a DNA that is entirely separate to
our DNA. Yet we live effectively together and in fact, can’t live without one another.

The basic issue here, is that our immune systems are designed to deal with these infections.

So let’s go back and focus on covid 19 and the subsequent jabs.

First, the planneddemic or scamdemic, the coronavirus was never a pandemic. We have seen interviews
where Fauci’s assistant even talked about how they were attempting to put 5 coronaviruses together.
Why? We have seen all kinds of whistleblowers talk about the work in the Wuhan lab.

But even if they were successful in creating a virus that could attack our immune system and blood
system, it never met pandemic levels. The fear and hysteria were marketed. We have seen so many
ways in which the numbers were hiked to scare people. The newscasts broadcasted how many were
diagnosed as if it were outrageous numbers as opposed to putting things into context and how the
numbers were actually less than years like 2017 and 2010.

They broadcasted fear telling us to keep social distancing and wear masks – none of which has never
been effective or scientifically proven. Although it has been repeatedly proven that they cause more
issues than they solve. But corrupt programs like google, Facebook, twitter, etc take down all the real
evidence. It is unethical and corrupt but very convincing to the population who fails to do any basic
research of their own. Consequently, we suffered with the herd mentality.

But thankfully more and more scientists, physicians, police officers, and people in general are becoming
aware of the vast scam we have been subjected to. Consequently, we have a huge mass of law suits
going in within countries and internationally focusing on how unconstitutional these programs have
been; how the vaccines are crimes against humanity; and on and on.

Note also many now claim, that the jab can cause more death and interference with our DNA than the
virus ever could. We have talked about how there are more deaths from the jabs than from the huge
range of vaccines over the past 20 years – yet they keep pushing it? Amazing! And even worse, people
are still falling for the scam!!

When it comes to the coagulation, this is also important as it has been shown that the jab and those
around someone who has had the jab, may suffer from excessive blood clots, mini-clots, strokes and
unusual menstrual flows.

So what do we do about it? Well apparently, many are using pine needle extracts or pine needle tea to
counteract the jab. They have a huge amount of Vitamin C as well as other phytonutrients that reduce
platelet aggregation thus preventing blood clots that lead to various serious conditions like heart attacks
and strokes.

Some even claim that the pine needle compounds, like suramin and shikimic acid, protect us against the
spike proteins that are acclaimed issue in the coronavirus. Note: the spike protein in the coronavirus is
not as harmful as the jabs – which provoke the body to make spike proteins. This is why many are now
claiming the jabs “are biological weapons designed to achieve global depopulation.”

Note, make pine needle tea is a common, traditional food science in China and Traditional Chinese

This article is entitled: Suramin shows promise as COVID 19 treatment:

But that’s not all! Shikimic acid is the basis for the Tamiflu, an anti-viral medication used to treat the
flu!! AND Tamiflu with the “world’s most widely used antiviral drug for treating swine flu, bird flu, and
seasonal influenza!!!

AND AND AND – it helps to prevent blood clots!!

Hold on a minute. You can basically get the same dosage from making pine needle tea!! Just scan down
the article and get the recipe.

Shikimic acid is found in white pine, red pine, and cedar and other conifer trees!!!

And it is found in star anise – another great herb that has the taste of licorice.

So in conclusion, we again suggest that you do your research. As usual, I have given you just a few
articles to start your research with. There are a tone of articles you can read, and interviews you can
watch. Get involved, this is your body, your health. Come to your own conclusions that resonate well
with you.

You might learn the old naturopathic line is right – “the more man interferes with nature, the more
harm is done”. You might then chose to work with nature not with man made protocols that have
harmful effects.

On that note, remember to keep a good healthy immune system:
 Pre and probiotics for the gut
 Transfer factor for your guts immune system
 Vitamin D and zinc
 Eat lots of ginger, garlic and turmeric – all wonderful kitchen herbs to keep you healthy

And keep a healthy outlook – think positive; act positive; feel positive; create positive uplifting humor
and enjoy life!! Doctor’s orders!!


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