OP ED: I do not think New York ‘is garbage’.

Last Update: July 10, 2019 at 10:39 am

LETTER TO THE EDITOR of New York Magazine:

By Nicole Marie Whitney, News for the Soul …



It’s 11:11am on July 8, 2019, as I write this….


Perfect, seeing as what I have to say was regarding the 11 minute and 11 second

interview I did with New York Magazine about my recent trip to NYC by way of Egypt,

originating out of Vancouver BC Canada.


I said good things, New York! Tons of good things!!


Alas, the July 7, 2019 issue of New York Magazine [LookBook section] only

printed the ONE negative observation I mentioned about my entire NYC Experience.


The garbage. Sigh.


So this is my formal apology to New York City, and my clarification is as follows.


NYC Mag quoted me recalling Mount Everest like garbage piles.


That was true (not Mount Everest LITERALLY!) but every night, New York

piles out “mountains” of garbage along the narrow concrete walkways and

streets in front of each door of the local businesses, offices, eateries and so

on throughout the downtown core. (or the entire city?) That’s a LOT of

garbage. All in bags strewn about – no cans or bins. Interestingly, I didn’t

see any of the world famous New York rats, but I now understand fully

why they are there.


We first arrived in NYC (for my first time ever) in the early evening of my

birthday June 2nd. Thus, MOUNT GARBAGE was the first thing I saw and,

yes, it was shocking. So that was my first impression of NYC as the

magazine says. But I went on!


During my 11 minute and 11 second conversation with New York Magazine

on June 26th, 2019, we covered a plethora of positive points, pontificating

at some length about exciting experiences on my first-ever visit to the big

apple. From joining a live taping of the Stephen Colbert show, of which I

am a HUGE fan, to the live NBC tour during which participants film their

own TV show with their friends at the end (an epic digital keepsake for

afterwards), and sitting in row TWO (2!!) at a Broadway play featuring

the one and only Nathan Lane – it was a jam packed, hair blowin’ in the

wind excitement-crammed once in a life time travel event stuffed into

a mere few days in NYC!


I shopped til I dropped, trekked across the Brooklyn bridge and even

endured a brief but memorable NYC subway experience which actually

ended up meeting stereotypical expectations. “It’s all about the experience”,

I reminded myself. We had lots of those whilst in Egypt as well,

but that’s another story.


Nonetheless, nothing but the garbage comment made it into print.


So I just want to clarify that I do not think New York ‘is garbage’.


My “Big Apple” experience has been filed under ‘awesome’ and cc’d to my ‘likely to do again’ file.







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