Skin Conditions and 9/11

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DATE:  September 11, 2019


Skin Conditions and 9/11

by Dr Holly


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Today is an anniversary day of an event that still has a lot of controversy around it. A very sad time for many with the losses. We acknowledge you and hope you were able to take the event and find a silver lining – with personal growth and learning – or in some way that allows you to honor those who crossed over or were otherwise impacted.

That is really a message for all of us. Remember the old line, ‘life is 10% what happens to us and 90% what we chose to do with it’. There are so many people who have difficult or challenging things that happen to them but are able to work with it in such a way that it becomes a positive in their life. It would be nice if we all had the capacity to do that easily. But alas, the choices and the journeys are part of our growth and learning.

What happens on the surface or the external part of life can have far a much deeper and broader impact on what goes on internally. Psychologists might say we have little aware of the unconscious processes that go on. Spiritually inclined people might say we live on multiple levels simultaneously and have little aware of what is going on on those other levels. Certainly when I was doing internships in India, they thought our psychological understanding of consciousness and awareness, in the West, was pretty immature and simplistic.

Perhaps we can all just agree, that there are more levels to us than most of us are aware of.

And that certainly applies physically as well. Take skin issues for instance. There are a variety of different types of skin disorders but far more causes for them.

Let’s look at some of the more common skin issues and then we can look at the different kinds of causes:

Acne: most commonly found on the face, but can be back, neck, shoulders, upper chest

  • Whether blackheads or whiteheads, pimples
  • Can leave scars or discolored skin
  • Causes: bacteria, hormones, dead skin cells, ingrown hairs; and multiple causes can occur simultaneously
  • Treatments include: apple cider vinegar (1:3 H20), zinc supplements, tea tree oil (1:9 H20) or neem oil/cream, aloe vera, green tea; eliminate sugars and increase healthy fats – even use castor oil

Allergies – like a latex allergy – may occur within minutes or hours of exposure

  • Airborne latex particles may cause nasal reaction: cough, runny nose, sneezing and can cause difficulty breathing
  • On the skin it is warm, itchy and red
  • Cause: your body responding to a normally harmless substance as if it were an invader
  • If latex: medical gloves, tubes, catheters, etc, dentistry devices, contraceptive devices (condoms, diaphragms) clothing, infant/child items (pacifiers, bottle nipples, disposable diapers, toys), etc
  • Treatment: glutathione helps to regulate your immune system – whether it is overactive or under active, it brings it back into the normal range of activity; your gut is where most of the immune system resides – so make sure you have a healthy gut

Cancers – basal cell carcinoma – raised firm pale areas that look like a dome with a sunken center

  • pink red or shiny and with visible blood vessel growths
  • easy bleeding or oozing that won’t heal
  • Cause: a cancer that effects the basel cells in the skin (the cells that replace old skin cells with new ones) and appears as tumors on the surface of the skin although not usually in sun exposed areas – usually doesn’t spread; the most common type of skin cancer; exposure to radiation, arsenic, chronic inflammatory conditions and complications from infections, vaccinations, tattoos and burns
  • Treatment: MDs will remove the layer of tissue that has the tumor with a scapal; there are studies that show that myrrh oil and frankincense oils can eliminate skin cancers

Cancer – squamous cell carcinoma – usually in exposed areas (face, neck, hands)

  • red patches that progress to a bump that continues to grow
  • bleeds easily, can heal and then reappear
  • Cause: frequently exposed to UV radiation

Cancer – Melanoma – more often found in fair skinned people, the most serious form of skin cancer

  • like a mole that can be found anywhere on the body
  • has irregular shape to it and multiple colors
  • a mole that changes color or size over time
  • Cause: less common than the other two but more serious

Carbuncle – red, painful lumps under the skin

  • May also have fever, body aches and fatigue
  • May be crusty or oozing
  • Causes: when Staphylococcus aureusbacteria enter your hair follicles usually due to poor hygiene, weak immune system, dermatitis, kidney or liver disease or diabetes
  • Treatment: place a warm cloth on it to help drain it; neem (antiseptic, antimicrobial), tea tree oil, turmeric or even castor oil will help draw out the infection

Cellulitis – red painful swollen skin that is hot or tender to touch

  • May or may not ooze but spreads quickly
  • May also have fever, chills or red streaking – indicative of a serious infection requiring attention
  • Cause: a bacterial infection (Streptococcus or Staphylococcus) that can get into you through bug bites, surgical wounds or cuts; the bacterial infection can get into your blood and lymph nodes
  • Treatment: if it spreads – seeks professional help immediately; strengthen your immune system (glutathione, transfer factor, good pre and probiotics);

Chicken pox – clusters of red fluid filled patches, anywhere on the body, that are itchy

  • Other symptoms include fever, aches, sore throat
  • Contagious till all blisters have crusted over
  • Taught that it is rare to have the chicken pox more than once in your life
  • Cause: varicella zoster virus
  • Treatment: vaccination
  • If you have a weakened immune system – then you may get shingles later on – strengthen your immune system
  • Shingles: tea tree oil, witch hazel, oat meal bath; green red and orange foods, vit D

Cold sores – usually on the lips or mouth, but can also be on reproductive areas

  • Stage 1 – tingle or burn before becoming visible; Stage 2 – fluid filled blister; Stage 3 – blister bursts; stage 4 – dries and scabs; stage 5 – scab falls off and healing
  • May also be accompanied by low fever, aches, swollen lymph nodes
  • Many issues are claimed to reactivate the virus: burns, infections, stress, sun, other skin conditions, i.e., eczema, menstruation,
  • Causes: typically herpes simplex 1 (cold sores) & herpes simplex 2 (genetal sores) although 1 can cause genital sores and 2 can cause cold sores
  • Treatments: ice cubes on the tingling stage; in Germany homeopaths use stinging nettles; oil of oregano is known to disrupt the viral envelope; other essential oils include ginger, thyme and sandalwood and

Dermatitis – appears hours to days after contact with allergen

  • Rash has visible borders
  • Is itchy, red, scaly or raw
  • Blisters may weep or ooze or become crusty
  • Causes: allergies, irritants and photo contact (reaction to the sun)
  • Treatments: castor oil packs, aloe vera, oatmeal baths, tea tree oil

Eczema – can be dry or wet; if dry it burns and is itchy; if wet, it opens and oozes

  • Types: contact dermatitis (irritants to the skin); dyshidrotic (fingers, palms, feet, more common in women); nummular (more common in men, in their legs, in the winter); seborrheic (eyes, ears, scalp,)
  • Note normally our skin is ascidic – people with eczema usually have less acidic skin than others
  • Causes: overactive immune system; abnormal response to normal body proteins, and triggered by synthetic fabrics, raised body temperature, sweating, various chemicals, stress, food allergies, etc
  • Treatment: neem cream/oil; aloe vera gel; oatmeal bath; tea tree oil; coconut oil; apple cider vinegar may help fight bacteria causing it or help to make the skin more ascidic (use it diluted (1 tbsp to 1 C water) topically)

Hives – raised small round welts on the skin, usually the result of an allegy

  • Warm, red, and mildly painful to touch
  • Causes: usually an allergic reaction (food: nuts, eggs, milk), pets, pollen, dust mites, insect bites, medications (antibiotics, chemotherapy, ibuprofen) and the consequential release of histamines; can also be triggered by stress, tight clothes, exercise, illnesses (lupus, diabetes 1, thyroid dis, rheumatoid arthritis) or infections
  • Treatment: stinging nettles block the histamine receptors on the mast cells so they don’t release histamine; oatmeal bath, aloe vera,

Keratosis – small pencil size thick scally crusty patches on the skin typically on people over 60 yrs – usually from too much sun exposure, sunburns

  • Can be pink, brown, tan or gray
  • Found more typically on women with dry skin but anyone can have it
  • Causes: too much sun, frequent sun burns
  • Treatments: include coconut oil, exfoliation, warm baths to unclog the pores

Measles – red rash that usually spreads from the face down the body

  • Tiny red spots with a blue-white center that appear inside the mouth
  • Other symptoms include fever, sore throat, cough and runny nose
  • Cause: a viral infection in the throat and lungs; very contagious – through sneezing
  • Treatment: we all get the vaccination for it

Psoriasis – skin appears scaly and/or silvery; may be itchy

  • Usually found on scalp, elbows, knees and lower back
  • 5 official types of psoriasis along with subtypes
  • Causes: autoimmune disorder
  • Treatment: neem cream/oil; Vit D creams, oatmeal bath; aloe vera, tea tree oil, turmeric, Oregon grape, light therapy – UVB ray beds – yes in sun beds, use good topical fats/moisturizers; castor oil packs

Rosacea – a chronic cycling disorder that can be triggered by foods, alcohol, sunlight, stress and H.pylori

  • Facial flushing with raised bumps, dry and sensitive skin
  • 4 types: facial redness, flushing & blood vessels; acne like breakouts; thickening of the skin around the nose – rhinophyma; bumps around the eyes – ocular rosacea
  • Causes: claimed to be unknown but alcohol, spicy foods can make it worse, along with H. pylori
  • Treatment: avoid produces with alcohol/menthol, witch hazel, exfoliating agents; oatmeal mask; clean up your diet and add in lots of good healthy omega 3 anti-inflammatory foods; aloe vera

Vitiligo – discoloration or the skin or loss of pigmentation

Warts – found anywhere on the skin or mucous membrane

  • May occur individually or in groups
  • Can be contagious
  • 5 major types: common, plantar (soles and grow into you), flat (have flat tops), filiform (like skin tags) and periungual (under nails)
  • Cause: caused by the HPV or human papillomavirus – but there are over 100 types of HPV – generally not serious but if women get them around the gentials, it can lead to cervical cancer
  • Treatment: neem cream/oil, duct tape, liquid nitrogen; I have heard of so many different home remedies that I will just give you a site that you can see 16 different ones…