Theories & Solutions for Living With The Current Changes

Last Update: November 18, 2020 at 1:42 pm

DATE:  Nov 18 2020



Theories & Solutions for Living With The Current Changes

by Dr Holly

Heard Wednesdays at Noon PST on News for the Soul



Lets play with some ideas today

AND…lets consider that we are talking on News for the Soul….


  1. There is a lot of chaos going on worldwide

There are 5 major theories of chaos. But a common variable in all of them is that we (whether we mean physically, spiritually, socially, politically, etc/the earth/the universe needs chaos to disrupt the current status quo. When the current status quo is disrupted it allows the whole system – whichever system you are talking about – to go into a higher level of vibration or functioning.

So is it possible that the current world status of chaos:

– the disruption socially, physically, financially and politically due to the distortion of information surrounding covid 19

– the resulting huge increase in starvation, suicide, and other related deaths due to the misinformation and/or restrictions surrounding covid 19

– or pertaining to governments/corporations/businesses have financial difficulties many before and certainly a huge number in response to the misinformation about covid 19

– or all the corruption that is becoming transparent in different governments or government parties due to illegal election activity and covid 19

– or increasing awareness of the media’s control and impact on beliefs, actions and voting behavior that has become so apparent in first world countries

– or all the levels of unrest resulting in aggressive/violent rallies in reaction to both elections and covid 19 restrictions

– or the fears about aggressive religious groups moving into countries and causing disruptions

– or how different countries are treating people affiliated with different religious beliefs

– or fears about the infiltrations; actions and impact of CCP around the world

– or fears/concerns about what we are hearing about international pedophile and child abuse rings

I am sure you can think of even more issues contributing to the current global chaos, but the point is, could all of this chaos, be in fact, a good thing. If the theories concerning the need for chaos, in order to move to a higher level of functioning are correct, then maybe we require this chaos to make the corruption, deception, etc transparent so that we can in fact move to a higher level of functioning globally.

  1. What about entitlement?

There has been a growing awareness of a few decades now, of how many people in first world countries as opposed to third world countries are becoming more and more complacent and more and more entitled. What if the process allows or provokes or pushes those individuals to become more engaged and lose their issues of entitlement? In order to achieve finance to put a roof over their head and food on the table, they actually have to join in with the others and work…

  1. What about spirituality?

If the chaos, disruption of finances, etc pushes or provokes people to become more philosophical or more spiritual and opens pathways that allow us to engage more spiritually as opposed to materially? If greed, ego, power and control are reduced – it allows for patience, understanding and compassion to evolve.

Now we could also say that the majority of people certainly have a leaning towards patience, understanding and compassion. That while many don’t – they may not necessarily be corrupt. And…it only takes a few who are psychopathic to distort everything. This has certainly been the case throughout history.

In addition, for some the need for greed turns into the need for control which turns into abuse on various levels. Or even just the need for power and control that can destroy a person. I can’t argue against that as there are so many examples of it. A clear example of this is what happened in the German concentration camps when Jews were determined to be Kapos over their own people and what happened psychologically.

But what if this current chaos ends up holding the disrupters accountable for their actions and allows the whole to move forward.

In addition, there are studies that show that a strong belief in something greater than the self correlates with greater physical and mental health and a stronger immune system.

  1. Weeding out…

Some believe that this process of chaos, distortion and disruption will allow the “corrupt” to be identified and “weeded out”. That the increasing transparency and consciousness of the masses will help to both identify and somehow eliminate those causing the problems.

  1. A Different form of weeding out

One of the theories held is that more and more people are growing their own food supplies. Consequently, more people are developing cleaner, healthier bodies. This has the impact of allowing a higher vibration to occur within the physical realm, allowing a clearer more attuned mental awareness; thus, opening up a greater spirituality.

Now let’s consider, I have been pushing my audiences to grow your own food supplies for over 5 years. Historically that was because our commercial food supplies are nutrient deficient and unfortunately, toxic.

But this past year, I have been pushing for additional reasons. In consideration of the impact that the covid restrictions were going to have on farmers and now have: whether we look at their capacity to harvest (lack of employees crossing borders); or their ability to sell their harvest (a huge supply goes to restaurants who are restricted due to lockdowns and their orders dwindled); or the farmers’ desire to reseed considering the prior two issues; there were going to be issues. Consequently, food supplies are dwindling; food costs are going up; more people are depending on food banks; and the food banks have less to offer.

Thus, the whole concept of growing your own is now not just because of health and nutrition but also in reaction to increasing costs and a shortage of supply.

So, we might have the end result that people are actually healthier. AND DON’T REQUIRE A VACCINATION!!!

  1. Many believe in the power of prayer and meditations.

There have been numerous studies of the power of prayer and meditation. And numerous theories as to why there is an impact. Let us first distinguish the two. Usually prayer is considered to be talking to what ever form of greater being/energy/force you believe in. While meditation is usually defined as learning how to listen. Although there are a huge number of forms/styles/processes to engage in meditatively, they are also usually associated with greater mental calm; greater capacity to learn; stronger physical health; etc.

There are also numerous groups that believe that when many meditate together (or around the world), there is an impact on the vibrational frequency of everyone – raising the whole – so to speak. Consequently, many individuals and groups identify a given time and/or day for all (from many to worldwide) to focus on meditation. Many believe that this will heighten the awareness, the consciousness, the spirituality, the vibrational frequency of a much greater number than the number actually meditating.

  1. Many believe that we are entering a process of ascension.

That the earth (will be moving from the third to the fourth dimension) and many of the earth will be moving into another dimension, ie., from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. Again, there are many theories surrounding the concept of ascension. But if we consider the vibrational impact of the implementation of 5G – how the vibrational frequencies not only disrupt the cellular membranes & transport systems, but also various calcium pumps; how the body absorbs and releases oxygen; etc. could it be that the vibrational disruption also opens up a pathway or a portal for ascension?

Most of the theories I have read determine that those who have evolved will move into another dimension, while those who have not will end up on a sister planet to earth and not even realized that anything has changed. They will have to continue on their spiritual evolution.


So, the question becomes…what do we do in the present with all the distortion and corruption?

Well one of the things that I would share is what I used to teach clients when I was just a psychologist. Psychologists and people were often taught that journaling was a good practice to help you become more aware of who you were and why you did what you did.

I always had an issue with that. If you journal about your fears, anxieties, depression, etc you are simply reinforcing them. You are putting energy into maintaining them.

So I would always tell my clients to journal about: what you want to be thinking about; what you want to be feeling; what you want to be doing; etc. Focus on the vibrational or spiritual place you want to create and be a part of.


Rather than getting bogged down by the negative, fear, anxiety, be aware of it and focus on creating something better, greater, more healing, etc.

A simple example of this are the places around the world, Austria, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, even Wuhan, where people are dancing in the streets, festivities are continuing despite covid restrictions. In many places we see the police and/or the military moving amongst the people. but nobody is arrested because nobody is doing anything wrong. They are simply celebrating life. This should be going viral. Forget the nonsense fear mongering and get back out there and live life; get engaged; show the corrupt few that we are not willing to be controlled.


If you live your life to your fullest potential, you will not only enhance yourself on all levels, but you will also enhance those around you.


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