UFO Sightings Soar Once Again In Connecticut

Last Update: May 25, 2020 at 4:53 pm

Source: Patch

Date:  May 25, 2020



UFO Sightings Soar Once Again In Connecticut


Numerous UFO sightings have already been reported in Connecticut in 2020. Here’s where they have been reported.




CONNECTICUT — As of Memorial Day weekend there have been 22 UFO sightings in Connecticut for 2020, according to a database compiled by the National UFO Reporting Center.

In 2019, 106 UFO sights were reported across the state. The NUFORC has existed since 1974 and investigates reported sightings around the world. There have been more than 90,000 reports made globally.

These are all the towns in Connecticut with at least one reported sighting in 2020: Danielson, East Haddam, East Hartford, Ellington, Greenwich, Madison, Manchester, North Haven, North Stonington, Rocky Hill, Shelton, Wallingford, Washington, Weston, Windsor, and Woodbury.

“going to take out the garbage saw the ball of light flying towards me I ran back inside I thought I was going to be abducted,” a North Stonington resident reported.

“60 white lights over Weston CT … I work In Weston CT and seen 60 lights following each other in formation … and I’m working here again today and seen a bright light fly over Weston CT again same time just one light tho(ugh). This must be a(n) area for them to fly over,” a Weston resident observed.

“Driving on West Road saw a stationary craft in the sky above me with at least 3 lights too close to me to be a plane and not moving. It seemed like a sparkly thing was coming down slowly from it like a slow moving pin of light toward my car and (I) stopped my car and said to myself what is that? Got scared and wanted to keep moving…,” an Ellington resident said.

“Square (or diamond) shaped object flying then hovering at a low altitude … My husband and I were driving south from Washington, Ct toward Roxbury on Bell Hill (Road). I noticed an orange light in the sky that seemed to be fairly low and moving at a slow speed. As we got closer (driving at approx. 30 mph) I stuck my head out of the window to see it going overhead. As we went over it I noticed the object was square (or diamond) shaped with a white light at the front, a red light at each corner (two sides and rear). As we stopped at an intersection to take a look we (did not) notice any sound though it appeared to be flying lower than usual aircraft … We continued driving down the road for about a mile when we pulled over to try to see the object again. We spotted the same flashing orange light that I noticed on our initial approach in the distance. We watched it for about 5 minutes and though it was far away, the object did not appear to move. I was trying to judge its movement based on its proximity to a large tree that was in the foreground. It stayed in the same place until we got back in the car and left,” a Washington resident said.


Wallingford has already had four sightings in 2020.



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