What do they mean by Energy Medicine?

Last Update: March 6, 2019 at 9:53 am

Date:  March 6, 2019

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What do they mean by Energy Medicine?

By Dr Holly, heard on News for the Soul Radio at Noon PST on Wednesdays



Wednesdays at NOON PST  / 3PM EST – The Whole Health Initiative with Dr Holly   – An NFTS Global Luminary  broadcasting from Canada since March 2014 –   Dr Holly is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, a scientist, a professional speaker, an author of Cancer: Why what you don’t know about your treatment could harm you and 12 other books and a practitioner.  As a Doctor of Natural Medicine with 7 degrees & 3 designations in a wide range of healing modalities and 20 years experience, she can assist you in identifying and understanding your path to health. She can identify your underlying life themes, coping mechanisms, value systems and defense mechanisms to understanding the physiology and biochemistry and energy patterns of your body.  She has a mobile health clinic that comes to your door and can assess 1000s of variables in front of you AND create a protocol unique to you.  In addition, she provides consultation for physicians and clients around the world.

In one sense, that is a challenging question because in effect all medicine is energy based. We have all heard that everything is based on energy – so what does it all mean then?


  • Whether we are talking about our bodies, the body systems, organs, cells, cellular structures.
  • We can go further down to the atom which is composed of the neutrons and photons which are made of quarks and electrons (- charge) that are made up of photons.
  • A Quark is an elementary particle that carries an electrical charge – they combine to form hadrons of which neutrons and protons are the most stable
  • The photons on the other hand are particles of quantum light or units of electromagnetic radiation, that have no mass but do bridge between energy and material

We could further and discuss the different types of quarks, photons, leptons and other sub-atomic particles, however, our point is that they are all made up of energy.

Energy, however, is a broad term. Think of the many different definitions of love or ego and you get the drift. For instance, we have two major types of energy in physics:

Potential energy: defined as the energy hidden within, that has the potential to be converted:

  • Chemical potential energy: the attraction between atoms, molecules, etc
  • Elastic potential energy: anything that acts like a rubber band
  • Electrical energy: results from moving electrons
  • Gravitational potential energy: that causes an object to fall
  • Magnetic potential energy:
  • Nuclear energy: results from changes in the nucleus of an atom

Kinetic energy: the energy associated with an object in motion

  • Light energy: produced by the vibrations of electrically charged particles
  • Mechanical energy: the amount of work an object can do because of kinetic/potential energy
  • Radiant energy: the energy of electromagnetic waves that travels through space
  • Sound energy: when a vibrating object transmits energy through the air around it
  • Thermal energy: kinetic energy due to the random motion of the particles within the object: conduction, convection and radiation

We also think of energy in terms of the energy we have physically, are we full of energy or fatigued? We use energy to heat/cool our homes or to run our computers and appliances. We use energy to run our vehicles. We use solar energy to grow food, dry clothes, heat water, etc.

Energy vibrates at different frequencies and we utilize these different vibrational frequencies in Western Conventional medicine to diagnose different conditions:

  • X-rays: electromagnetic waves (radiation)
  • Bone scan: uses radioactive material to identify areas of increased bone activity
  • CT scans: an x-ray tube slowly rotates around the body
  • PET scan: positron emission tomography uses a radioactive material attached to sugars to dye the body
  • MRI: works out magnetic fields as opposed to radiation
  • Ultrasound: use high frequency sound waves that echo off the body

Whether we use X-rays, or CT scans, or PET scans, or MRIs – they are all utilizing different types of vibrational frequencies or energy to assess the human body. The problem with these different types of scans is that they are harmful to the body.

However, there are ways to use energy in healing that are not harmful to the body.

Western medicine also utilizes drugs – that are synthetic which deplete the body of nutrients; often will cause the very symptoms they are claimed to manage; and can cause everything from depression to cancer.

On the other hand, Energy Medicine is a benefit to the body. As Donna Eden said: “Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.” Donna Eden

From a right hemisphere perspective, energy medicine is simply your life force that keeps you sustained.

From a left hemisphere perspective, energy medicine focuses on the biochemistry of systems, organs and cells and moves even further out into your auric field changing impaired energy patterns in the body without causing depletion, disease or dysfunction.

There are a variety of energy diagnostic tools that do not harm the body. My ASYRA – each assessment you get is a treatment. Biofeedback and neurofeedback systems have no side effects. Iridology,

Every food item you ingest has an energy frequency to it. Fresh organic food has a high vibrational frequency to it whereas processed, fast food, GMO food, microwaved food all have low frequencies if not detrimental frequencies.

When it comes to treatments, obviously a healthy diet rich in nutrients devoid of toxic chemicals is a start. Utilizing herbal tinctures is a great way to get a high concentration of nutrients into the body. Homeopathy is a great economical way to impact on the body functioning.

There are a variety of therapies that involve touching the body to evoke energy movement such as: acupuncture treatments, kinesiology, massage, reflexology, shiatsu,

Or movements one can engage in to affect healing such as: myofascial release, Qi Gong or yoga.

Then there are the non-touch energy healing modalities such as: Reiki, energy medicine, hydrotherapy, magnet therapy, color and sound therapies.

Obviously, this is just a short list. The point being, if Western Conventional medicine can utilize different types of energy to assess, why does it negate the ability of energy to also treat and heal?

What we are going to study in the coming weeks, is a brand-new type of energy medicine. Combining Teslar’s understanding of energy; Rife’s vibrational frequencies; and scalar wave physics in a holographic format that you can wear on your skin or in a bracelet form. We have designed a number of products for health, sleeping, energy, detoxification, pain and much more. So stay tuned and we will let you know how to achieve health and wellness in an entirely new innovative way that is inexpensive and easily achieved.