Which is worse AGEs or free radicals?

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DATE:  July 4, 2018


Which is worse AGEs or free radicals?


by Dr Holly, heard Wednesdays at NOON Pacific on News for the Soul Radio


We have discussed this before but it is important to understand. First of all, too many of either cause problems. But whereas our bodies have mechanisms to deal with free radicals, meaning that we create a lot of anti-oxidants; we don’t have the means to eliminate AGEs – or at least that we know of so far.

Free radicals are compounds that lack an electron and will go around and “steal” an electron from other compounds, thus creating even more free radicals. We need some free radicals as some are effective in destroying pathogens in our bodies. However, most of us have way too many and are not producing enough to combat the problem. Thus leaving us open to issues like inflammation, disease, disorder and dysfunction; in fact anything that has to do with oxidation in the body.

By far the most effective anti-oxidant is the one we produce in our bodies, glutathione. Unlike other anti-oxidants, it re-stabilizes itself when it becomes a free radical. Unlike other anti-oxidants it works on all types of free radicals and in all locations. Unlike other anti-oxidants, glutathione is involved in a huge number of processes in our bodies, organs and right down to cellular function.

AGEs, or advanced glycation endproducts, also abound in our bodies. There are over 100 known types of AGEs. At one time, it was believed that the AGEs in our food did not make their way into our systems but now it is recognized that they do. In addition, our bodies make them when we have too much sugar in our bodies.

Unlike free radicals, they do not steal electrons from other compounds but rather they attach to cells. Cells in the mucosal lining of our lungs and gut; cells in the membranes of our vascular veins and arteries; cells in our muscles, organs and skeletal tissues. We have no way to eliminate these dangerous compounds. AND, they cause cellular disorder, disease and dysfunction even cancer.

What is the most common reason we have AGEs? Too much sugar in the body!!

What is the most common reason we have free radicals? Too much fried foods, alcohol, tobacco, pesticides, air pollutants, etc.

Hmmm…do you think we should take care of our bodies?

How do we prevent free radicals and AGEs? By eating a healthy diet of organic fresh food and eliminate the 20th century crap food/junk food/microwaved food/processed food/GMO food. Use non-toxic hygiene products and household cleaning products. Sound familiar? Gee weez.

Pretty basic. Pretty simple. Pretty healthy.


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