Whole Health;  what does it mean?

Last Update: January 23, 2019 at 12:22 pm

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Date:  January 23, 2019


Whole Health;  what does it mean?


By Dr Holly, heard at Noon PST on Wednesdays on News for the Soul Radio



Whole Health – What does it mean

  • Healthis a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. WHO

Physical Health-a broad category

  • How healthy is your body
    • Good endurance – no aches and pains
    • Lots of energy – no fatigue
    • Good appetite and good digestion – no cramping, gas or other gut issues
    • Good elimination – 3x / day – no stool or urinary issues
    • Good sleep – good deep restorative sleep; wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day

OR:     Gut health    Liver health              Cardio health           Respiratory health                         Adrenal health                                Cellular health         Immune health                               Nervous system health

Mental Health – another broad category

  • Good clear thinking – no mental fog
  • Good concentration – mind doesn’t wander
  • Quick and fast decision-making processes – no humming & hawing
  • Good short term and long-term memory – no forgetfulness
  • Good critical thinking without being critical and judgmental
  • Good objective perspective of the self and others
  • Good abstract reasoning
  • Good time management
  • Good happy disposition in life – manage difficulties well
  • Good emotional perspective – see the +s/-s and keep everything in perspective
  • Emotional stability – no inappropriate irritability, impatience, anger

Mental Health – another broad category

  • Good capacity to connect with people
  • Do you find your relationships satisfying
  • Have good healthy boundaries
  • 1) ability to be of service
  • 2) no when to say no or enough is enough
  • Know when to accept, forgive or walk away
  • Ability to accept differences and know when not to
  • Ability to communicate respectfully
  • Ability to respect privacy
  • Three circles of connection
  • 1) close family and friends
  • 2) social family and friends
  • 3) business associates and acquaintances

But Let’s Add a Few More

  • What would you add
  • What makes a whole healthy person for you

Energetic Health – if everything is based on energy, is our energetic health healthy

  • What is your energetic aura like
  • Does your energy field have holes or static or knots in it
  • Does your energy field allow other people’s energies in and overwhelm you
  • Does your energy field leak out your energies
  • Does your internal energy fields: acupuncture meridians, chakras, etc support you or deplete you

Psychological Health

Value System: what do you value in life: friendships, relationships, finances, education

  • what do you value in others: honor/integrity, giving, affection, communication
  • what are your values: competency, authenticity, reliability, loyality

Underlying Beliefs: about life: your purpose; destiny vs choice;

  • partnerships, relationships, finances, happiness, etc
  • about the after life: heaven/hell; dimensions; reincarnation
  • purpose, lessons, etc

Underlying Driving Forces:          power/control; freedom & independence,

love/affection; learning; fun

Language of Love: acts of affection; acts of service; gifts; quality time for self or

with other; words of validation; communication

  • Are you aware of these systems?
  • Are they working for you or against you
  • Good clear boundaries and Know how to say “NO”
  • Maintain healthy high functioning relationships
  • Responsible for your happiness not others
  • Live with confidence not worry and paranoia; self doubt and self questioning
  • Acknowledge, own, confront, resolve, your fears
  • Work towards reaching your greater potential
  • Work with several coping mechanisms to deal with life’s issues
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions – don’t blame others
  • Regulate impulses
  • Effective capacity to manage life’s hurts, pain, frustrations, disappointments

Emotional Systems

  • Do you feel grounded
  • Do you feel stable
  • Do you feel confident
  • Do you feel effective
  • Do you feel productive
  • Do you feel confident to move outside your safety zones
  • Do you live a state of gratitude and appreciation
  • Do you come from a place of abundance rather than lack


  • We may not get top marks in each category, BUT
  • – do you have good awareness of how you are functioning
  • – can you ask for help when you need it on any given level of life
  • – do you accept who you are in the present while continuing to push yourself to meet your greater potential
  • – do you allow yourself to be human, have failures, confront challenges

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