Accessing Unlimited Potential with Kathie Vigneau Davis

Accessing Unlimited Potential - Accessing Unlimited Potential with Kathie Vigneau Davis TODAY: Autumnal Equinox

September 21, 2020
with Kathie Vigneau Davis

11am pacific:

Accessing Unlimited Potential with Kathie Vigneau Davis heard on the 3rd Monday of the Month at 11am pacific / 2pm eastern

TODAY:  Autumnal Equinox - Coming Into Balance.

We all experience numerous life challenges   That is what led me onto this path of personal growth, and spiritual healing.  I understand intimately the difficulties that so many of us face, because I’ve been there. For me, the healing energy of Reiki opened this doorway.  As I expanded, Spirit guided me to learning a number of other healing techniques that enhance and build upon Reiki.  Along with Reiki, you and I together can choose from several aspects of energy healing that resonate with your needs.  Among them are: Shamanic practices, Psychic Surgery, Energetic DNA Restructuring, Spirit Crossings, Past Life Regression, Channeling, & Soul Retrieval.  In 2009, my Reiki Master Teacher, Helen Kanaieson Rende, Ph.D. listened and knew that I was ready to begin my teaching.  I also studied with several Reiki Masters and shamanic practitioners and gained a variety of perspectives along with the unique knowledge they each offered.  My educational background on two different coasts opened me to so many life experiences that have contributed to a greater understanding of people, and the world we live in.   My Bachelor of Science in Education is from Southern Connecticut State University and my Master’s Degree is from California State University, Fullerton.  I lived and taught in California for over 30 years.    In 2005, as a result of illness,  I early retired from teaching and moved back to the East Coast to Sanbornton, NH.  It is here in the country that I read, study, write, teach, meet with clients, and expand and grow.  My life is truly blessed!


Knowing how vital this is to assist in the healing of humanity,  I am offering a 50% discount to reactivate all 10 strands of DNA. (Original cost was $240)  I spread the 4 reactivations out over 3-4 weeks so your body can integrate the changes. So, I do one activation a week for four weeks.  Each time, I check your chakras to observe the process.  Once the reactivations are complete, your chakras will never totally shut down, although they do open wider and close down some dependent upon your state of well being.  The final cost is $160 or two payments of $80 each.  Different degrees.   I can be reached via my website:  There you will find an email address and or phone number to access me. Kathie Vigneau Davis, M.S. Empowering Unlimited Potential 603-568-8195 Reiki Empowers Healing

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