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Almapura Awakenings - Almapura Awakenings with Nikki Xicotencatl Feb26-2019 TODAY: Soul Dance

February 26, 2019
with Nikki Xicotenca

3pm pacific:

TODAY:   Soul Dance

A Soul Dance is just ONE of the numerous dances your spirit uses to communicate enlightening information about your soul’s mission for God while here on Earth. Each person has a Soul Mission and in turn, a unique Soul Dance that describes how that mission is accomplished. The method of dance your soul uses is a movement and flow of energy through your Chakra System. When Nikki connects with you, your Soul will dance through your Chakra System and illustrate who you are; how you are; why you are the way you are; and how you are currently defining your dance in your everyday life. 

Nikki’s wish for you during a Soul Dance session is to provide you with the knowledge you need from your Soul Dance to quiet the internal battle that exists within every human being. Discovering your Soul’s Mission through a Soul Dance Session guides you to transcend the human experience and elevate your energy to a higher level of understanding the self.

Almapura Awakenings with Nikki Xicotencatl at 3pm PST on the 4th Tuesday of the Month starting November 27th, 2018 – Nikki is a Spiritualist here to share the story of Almapura. (Pure Soul) Spirituality has played a major role in her life since she was a small child. She believed there was a life after this physical life and that our friends and family could come back and forth from Heaven to communicate, guide, love and continue a relationship with us, a knowing that became even more engrained during a spiritual awakening in November 1998. This awakening gave her tools to recognize that information flows from the spiritual self to the human self and from the human self to the spiritual self and she says it felt more right than anything she had ever known. And thus Almapura was born. Almapura is a journey of the soul. It is a collection of spiritual concepts and understandings gathered from my spiritual awakening. Almapura Workshops and Discussion Groups guide you step by step to a complete awareness and friendship with the eternal self, where all of the answers you seek reside. Learn more about the Almapura Journey.

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