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Angel Erica - Angel Erica on NFTS First Show

May 12, 2018
with Angel Erica


1pm pacific

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Angel Erica on alternate Mondays at 1pm Pacific time beginning May 14, 2018 About Angel Erica: My journey began at a medium circle I attended where I got a reading from my uncle.  It was an amazing experience because I finally met some people who were just like me and could relate with the experiences that I was going through.  This mission of discovering myself led me to all these amazing people and places that helped me to discover that I was an intuitive medium and psychic.  I realized that it was true, I could see spirit, but the way I saw spirit was as if I am looking at a living person.  I realized that I had been living within two worlds all this time, the living and the spirit world. I used to work a normal job, but I disliked what I was doing.  It was a Monday through Friday desk job, a “normal job” as they put it. I am enjoying what I am doing because I now know what I came here to do in this lifetime and that is to help connect spirit to the living. I have taken many courses and read many books to help me learn about this new experience. My learning never stops because it is my passion to learn as much as I can, to help me grow and continue to help as many people I can on my journey.  I am grateful for my unique ability to bring people peace and comfort, and to show them that souls are guiding and encouraging them from the other side.

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