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Angelical Whispers - Angelical Whispers with Peg – April 7, 2021: Introduction Interview

April 7, 2021
with Peg Jones

Angelical Whispers with Peg on the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 11am Pacific Starting April 7, 2021

TODAY:  Introduction Interview

Peg is an Angelic Life Coach, Author, Energy Healer, certified Angelic card reader, Akashic Records Practitoner, Mindfulness Practitioner. She was a teacher for many years, in Early Childhood Education, Special ED. Among other positions, in working with adults with developmental delays, as a case manager, Peg left the field, of education, to expand herself as a person, and to find what else the world had to offer. Her spiritual awakening, became especially important and found all areas of energy healing, learning about the angels, and sharing the Angels through introducing the Angels, through classes, meditations, readings, and writing about how our angels can help us in our everyday life, and seeing through synchronicities, and validations, how this can occur. Peg has shared, through internet radio, since 2009, and after, a 3-4 yr hiatus, through internet radio since, 2009.

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