Cosmic Unity with Cosmic Unity

Cosmic Unity - Cosmic Unity with Ari Kala on NFTS–June-26-2018

June 26, 2018
with Ari Kala

5pm pst:

[ALTERNATE TUESDAYS] Cosmic Unity with Ari Kala on Alternate Tuesdays at 5pm pst on News for the Soul beginning June 26 th – Psychic Empowerment Coach Ari Kala assists women who know they have great power within to unlock and upgrade their Psychic Abilities. These abilities are the gateway to birthing our full power and potential to the world, take our higher calling to a greater level and experience soul nourishing abundance in all facets of life. Women are being called forward to heal old wounds from this life and beyond so that we can end the suppression of our powers, speak our truths and therefore transform the world into a much more nurturing, loving, caring place to be. You have a purpose, you have a mission, and Ari’s mission is to help you experience your journey with ease, grace, abundance, fulfilment and kick-ass ‘tapped-in’ abilities. “Magic truly is just a different perspective of reality, and I am here to provide that platform for you to shift into more Magic for yourself, so that you can do the same for others.”

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