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Human Spirit Radio - Human Spirit Radio with Sarah McCroskey on NFTS on April-27-2018

April 27, 2018
with Sarah McCroskey



SARAH'S MESSAGE ABOUT TODAYS SHOW:  On this month's broadcast I'll be connecting us all to The Big Picture by reviewing the Five Universal Laws that govern our existence. I'll also be offering some energetic clearings and practices for stabilizing and maintaining our sovereign energy field so we can remain centered and clear, even during times of great change. Finally, I'll be sharing about the energetics of manifestation, to support us all in effectively contributing our visionary impulses into the manifest reality of our World.
Human Spirit Radio with Sarah McCroskey on NFTS on the 4th Friday of the Monday 2pm PST beginning March 23, 2018– With an extensive background in the health sciences, counseling, nutrition and metaphysics, Sarah McCroskey became a Certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner in 1998. She is the founding Director of the Bioenergy Balancing Center East Bay, located in the Richmond/El Cerrito hills of the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Healer, teacher, author and radio host, Sarah is an expert in energy medicine and a leader in awakening human consciousness. Down-to-earth, with a nearly 20 years of clinical experience co-creating profound healing results with clients, Sarah’s vision of unlimited possibility emboldens clients and audiences alike to fearlessly embrace the arc of human evolution. As we come alive to wellbeing, align with our Divine spark, and share our unique voice and talents, we naturally shed our conditioning, personally constructed limitations and physical/emotional imbalances. Sarah promotes a living path partnered with Spirit—walking her talk with humor, passion and clear-sightedness. Sarah offers one-on-one healing sessions by phone, a Video blog and produces broadcasts through HumanSpirit Radio .

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