Intuitive Numerology with Intuitive Numerology

Intuitive Numerology - Intuitive Numerology with Laura- NFTS May 23-17 live readings and Brad Pitt’s Numerology Reading

May 22, 2017
with Laura Knop

Intuitive Numerology with Laura- Alternate Mondays at 11AM PST – A CONSCIOUSNESS WARRIOR ON NFTS SINCE MARCH 2017 – Each of us was born with a Soul Purpose that includes our life lessons we must learn, our challenges and given talents. Using Numerology, Laura can help intuitively guide you to find your path, creating more ease and flow in your daily life.  This guidance can help you with your career, relationships or any challenge you are currently facing by giving you the tools to reconnect with your authentic self and move forward.  Additionally, Laura will tell you what 2017 looks like for you and discuss how to move through each of the nine-year cycles of your life with more awareness and purpose.   Today: live readings and Brad Pitt’s Numerology Reading

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