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Love Matters - Jenn Kosh on News for the Soul Radio – March 20-2018.

March 19, 2018
with Jenn Kosh

1pm pst:

Love Matters with Astrologer Jenn Kosh on News for the Soul Radio – 2PM PST On the 3rd Tuesday of the Month beginning January 16, 2018 – Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love. Jenn works with clients Internationally and is located near the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta. She welcomes clients worldwide via phone or Skype and will work with local residents in person.


Join Jenn on today's show to hear her insights into what just happened with our heart-first dive into the watery, intuitive depths of a Sun, Chiron and the New Moon in sensitive Pisces. Now on March 20, the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Aries, marking not only the astrological New Year but also the Spring Equinox. Lots of changes and inspiration lie ahead. But wait! Two days later a Mercury Retrograde in Aries comes swooping in and creates a whole bunch of potential chaos and growth opportunities. What does it all mean? How do we lean in and navigate these types of powerful, archetypal energies and cycles for our highest good and the highest good of all? Tune in and find out!

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