Free & Fulfilled with Hilda Kalap

Free & Fulfilled - June-28-2019 Claudia Roth, Founder and Managing Director of Soul Luxury. 

June 28, 2019
with Hilda Kalap

10am pacific:

TODAY:  Hilda's Guest is Claudia Roth, Founder and Managing Director of Soul Luxury. 

Free & Fulfilled with Hilda on alternate Fridays on NFTS beginning February 8, 2019 – Hilda uses her own journey of transformation to help her clients. She was once someone who let the trauma she’d experienced in childhood affect her every choice in life – in a job she disliked, wanting to work for herself but not having the courage, in a relationship that was ultimately unsupportive. One day she woke up to the fact that she had gifts to bring to the world, gifts that could serve others to help them heal themselves so they could lead lives that were free and fulfilled. No longer pretending to be someone they weren’t. No longer afraid of shining their light or fearing being judged by others. No longer feeling they weren’t good enough no matter how much education they had or how hard they worked or did everything they could to please others. And that sense of freedom was so awesome, it helped so many people and then it became something that was so easy and effortless and natural, like breathing, that it could not be stopped. Ready to live life to your fullest potential and stop the pain of self doubt, fear and that inner critic? Then contact Hilda today.
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