Light Body Healing with Dr Lara

Light Body Healing - Light Body Healing with Dr Lara – Dec 15/22 – Neil Cannon best selling author & wellness coach.

December 15, 2022
with Dr Lara

11am pacific:

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Light Body Healing with Dr Lara on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 11am PST

TODAY: Dr Lara’s guest: Neil Cannon best selling author & wellness coach.

Neil Cannon is a bestselling author and wellness coach. He long suffered from debilitating eczema; receiving only symptom-masking treatments before stumbling upon his own cure. By applying himself to his Pillars of Vitality he was able to reverse his condition and discover that those pillars could be applied to virtually any common and chronic illness, with extraordinary results. His mission is to keep helping people “reverse engineer” their symptoms / illness, and balance their bodies across with his book and his digital program “The Inflammation Solution”.
Dr. Lara is a Functional Medicine Health Coach, an Advanced Practice Clinical Pharmacist Specialist, Master Intuitive Healer & Channel, & International Teacher & Speaker on a mission to empower you to take an active role in your healing journey to achieve holistic health mastery of the mind, body and spirit. Dr Lara combines energy medicine with functional medicine to facilitate healing at the root level. Make an appointment today to start your healing journey.

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