Manifest Your Miracle with Peter Lancett

Manifest Your Miracle - Manifest Your Miracle with Peter Lancett NOV 27/19

NOV 27/19
with Peter Lancett

2pm pacific:

Indepth consciousness awakening explorations with Peter Lancett from the U.K.

TODAY:   How the unconscious mind, as an aspect of our Soul, is responsible for managing the human body by which the Soul is having a 3D human experience, and how we so easily program the unconscious mind with fake negative beliefs that make our human experience miserable and are even harmful to us.

Manifest Your Miracle with Peter Lancett On Alternate Wednesdays at 2pm PST starting January 9, 2019… An NFTS Consciousness Warrior broadcasting from the UK since January 9, 2019 – Peter Lancett is a Soul Path Attunement Practitioner, a Spiritual Counsellor and a Workshop Facilitator. His Spiritual Journey began when he was a teenager and now, decades later, it continues to amaze, inform and delight. His path has led him to explore, experience, and draw richly from esoteric areas including Ceremonial Magic, Spiritual Alchemy, Earth and Nature Magic, Eastern Spiritual Philosophies, and Shamanism. The Akasha, where Soul Records are to be found, has always provided a foundation and point of reference for Peter on his journey. As the founder of Manifest Your Miracle, Soul Path Attunement, Suburban Shamanism, Avalon Goddess Energy Healing and other healing modalities, he is devoted to Healing through Self-love and Empowerment, connecting with the Loving Energy of the Divine Feminine, bringing Celestial Energies into balance with Earth Energies.


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