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Energy & Empowerment - Mimi Meggyesy, Empowerment Coach & Energy Intuitive – NFTS June23-16

June 23/16
with Mimi

4th Thursday of the Month at 1PM PST / 4PM EST: Mimi Meggyesy, Empowerment Coach & Energy Intuitive BASED IN USA – AN NFTS MESSENGER OF LIGHT SINCE JANUARY 2015 – As an Empowerment Coach Mimi assists her clients in reawakening their innate ability to make empowering decisions for themselves.  Mimi’s life coach training through the World Coaching Institute includes an emphasis in bereavement and relationships.  Mimi is also a “Bridges to Heaven” Certified Grief Intuitive Coach. As an energy intuitive Mimi uses various techniques to treat blockages in the body’s physical, mental, spirtual and emotional state through energy release.  Mimi has completed training in advanced Medical Intuition by Marie Manuchehri, RN to include Advanced Knowledge of Energetic Healing, Human Anatomy in Relationship to Energy Medicine, Intuition, Care of the Client and Self Awareness as a Healer. TODAY: Transforming the Shadow...

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