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Money & Time Healing - Money & Time Healing with Annie Massop on May 1-2018 TODAY: A guided meditation about abundance

May 1, 2018
with Annie Massop


TODAY: A guided meditation about abundance

Money & Time Healing with Annie Massop on On the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 11am pst / 2pm est on News for the Soul Starting Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018 – Annie has had a long career in the corporate world, she has worked as a manager, sales trainer and management trainer. She is a serial entrepreneur. After two other business (career coaching and intuitive marketing) her current business followed: Money & Time Healing , in which she guides spiritual entrepreneurs to connect with their soul and from that energy create a profitable business with the least time investment . Annie works with money & time readings, mediumship healings, guided meditations, nature metaphors, the medicine wheel (specifically focused on money and time). She is very grounded, so in addition to the spiritual aspects of money & time, you also get practical business and marketing knowledge.   Waterfall   Open Yourself To Abundance!  A powerful meditation in which you literally feel how it is when abundance flows into your life. If you can see, feel and evoke the feeling of abundance, you are also able to actually manifest abundance! If you can’t attend my show live, listen to the recording on the News for the Soul website. You can give comments in my free Facebook group, Circle of Abundance. You always get an answer from me!  

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