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I Opening Therapy - NEW SHOW: I Opening Therapy with Janet O’Shea on News for the Soul

Sept 21, 2017
with Janet O'Shea

NEW SHOW: I Opening Therapy with Janet O'Shea on News for the Soul:

I Opening Therapy with Janet O’Shea – Alternate Thursdays at 10AM PST STARTING SEPT. 21, 2017  – Janet O’Shea is a N.Y.S. Licensed Clinical Social Worker who uniquely blends traditional psychotherapy with soul healing modalities, effecting a profound change in allowing one to experience a more joyful life. Since childhood Janet has always been deeply moved to help others through difficult times in their lives as well as feeling a profound connection to the metaphysical world. For many years these two passions were explored as separate entities, however, it became inevitable that the wisdom and benefits from both modalities would come together to create a greater healing experience. This eclectic approach integrates spiritual alchemical healing techniques, intuitive soul reading/restructuring, hypnotherapy/past life regression therapy, creative visualization, Integrated Energy Therapy (I.E.T) and Reiki. Janet is passionate about teaching technique healing modalities and non- technique approaches to those who wish to pursue the healing arts for their own healing and/or as a profession. She is an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and graduated from NYSEPH. Janet is one of the top 28 Master Level IET Instuctors in 2008 and 2010 and actively teaches this modality as well as creative meditation including techniques that incorporate spiritual alchemy.

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