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Nicole Marie Interviews - Nicole’s Conscious Corona Coverage – Kosta Stoyanoff – April 18/20

April 18, 2020
with Kosta Stoyanoff

Saturday April 18, 2020:

Nicole's Conscious Corona Interview series, as she seeks out voices of enlightened leadership shedding empowering viewpoints around the massive shift currently underway for the human race on planet earth.

11am Pacific: Kosta Stoyanoff

  Kosta says humanity as it a pivotal fork in the road and things could go either way.  Tune in to find out how we can make this transition a GREAT thing. Nicole Marie Interviews .... Kosta Stoyanoff – Through his one-on-one sessions & transformative workshops and retreats, Kosta has helped individuals experience and express their highest potential for over 15 years. His style of communication is both refreshing and down-to-earth — helping to translate spiritual wisdom in a way that is applicable, relatable and relevant to our everyday lives.  In a simple, easily digestible, yet extremely potent way, he lovingly nudges, guides and supports others to move beyond their fears and blockages as they embark on the journey from where they are to where they choose to be. He does so by helping them “get out of their own way” and reconnect with the purpose and wisdom of their soul.  In addition to working privately with individuals worldwide, Kosta assists inspired leaders and visionaries within organizations who are looking to expand their awareness and positively affect the lives of others. His mission is to inspire, empower and support those who are passionate about evolving into their best selves and who genuinely care about the legacy they leave behind. He calls these people “Uplifters”!

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