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Past Life Explorers - Past Life Explorers with Niki Hughes August 28, 2019 Relationships with Love and Belief Regression

August 28, 2019
with Niki Hughes

9am pacific:

Past Life Explorers with Niki Hughes on the 4TH Wednesday of the Month at 9am Pacific Time starting June 26, 2019

TODAY:   Relationships with Love and Belief Regression   About Niki

 “I believe that all of the answers you seek are deep within you.  I help people make that connection and find their inner spark to re-ignite their lives”

Always fascinated with reincarnation, I just knew deep inside there was so much more to each of us than we were seeing.     Naturally curious and a life-long learner, I carried this interest and feeling with me and throughout my life continued to explore natural healing, the role of the mind in healing and all things metaphysical.    At times life was very difficult and chaotic; being surrounded by chaos was really my best teacher in helping me explore and find my balance. As an explorer eager to learn, I trained in five elements acupressure, reiki and sound healing.    It was so clear to me that there were powerful impacts to these healing forms, witnessed with friends, family and clients and so I started to explore deeper with the mind as a healing and change tool.  I also began to teach energy healing. I reached back into my own past and being true to my roots, became a certified hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist which today is my passion and first love.  A core value of mine is positivity which is fundamental in all of my work.  Helping people find the positive resources inside themselves is truly my biggest joy.   Life is supposed to feel good!   Past life regression therapy and hypnotherapy is a rapid way to experience personal change and growth, and I am is passionate about the positive, inspiring and lasting changes my clients are able to make. I will always be an explorer, and love to spend time learning and expanding my awareness.   That is where the ‘magic’ is, and I love magic!

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