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Pure Love Reiki - Pure Love Reiki with Desiree on News for the Soul – Introduction Interview

September 19, 2020
with Desiree

11am pacific time:

[3RD FRIDAY] Pure Love Reiki with Desiree on the 3rd Friday of the Month at 11am PST    


My name is Désirée, and I am a mother and a healer. This may sound like a simple and clear description to you, but it took me over 30 years to realize the importance of this. Yes, I am on my own healing journey, which is why I am inviting you to embrace yours. If you have found this website, or my business card, or a friend told you about me, I truly believe we will connect when you are ready to step into your truth and progress on your journey of healing your Self. I am here, ready to guide and support you. Reiki has been calling me since I was a teenager and received my first energy healing. I grew up noticing and hearing things nobody else seemed to perceive. I felt odd and out of place. Now I know that I carry a gift, a special talent of being able to tune into a beautiful energy, and I have learned to connect others to it. That is the essence of my Reiki practice: I create an awareness of your connection with Chi, a universal energy. I am a guide in your self-healing, an interpreter of sorts. I am here to help you find the happiness and love you carry within. My name is Désirée; I am a mother and a healer. And we all deserve Pure Love.

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