Purrrfectly Holistic with Pam Roussell

Purrrfectly Holistic - Purrrfectly Holistic with Pam TODAY: CBD and pets with special guest Dr Robert Silver

September 16, 2019
with Pam Roussell

5pm pacific:

TODAY:   CBD and pets with special guest Dr Robert Silver

Dr Robert Silver is an integrative veterinarian in Boulder, CO who has been one of the pioneer vets introducing he concepts of integrate medicine to veterinarians and pet parents alike.  As a vet in practice in Colorado throughout the legalization of cannabis for human use, Dr Silver gained his experience using cannabis to treat problems in dogs, cats and horses.   Dr Silver is Chief Medical Officer of RxVitamins which is a company that manufactures and sells nutraceutical supplements to veterinarians for the to use with their patients to improve their clinical outcomes.  For RxVitamins Dr Silver formulated the first CBD oil formulas exclusively for veterinary use, and since they were introduced 4 years ago over 150,000 bottles have been put in the hands of veterinarians. Over that 4 year period Dr Silver has learned much from the veterinarians using his hemp product, and that information is contained in his book, Medical Marijuana and Your Pet, available in ebook and softbound editions at potforpets.info. Today Dr Silver will share his wealth of knowledge about the use of hemp and cannabis in our fussy but fantastic feline friends and family.
Purrrfectly Holistic with Pam on the 3rd Monday of the Month at 5pm pacific – Pam is a Cat mom, fitness enthusiast, swimmer, holistic health seeker, yogi, aspiring gardener, lover of sunny Cancun beaches, gentle spirit, high sales achiever and entrepreneur.  After suffering an injury that wouldn’t heal, Pam was led on a journey to seek out alternative, holistic and natural medicine back in 2005, and she’s been learning ever since.  Now a passion that she loves to share with others and her my goal is to help people help themselves and their cats along their path to holistic health.  She has taken courses in holistic health for animals, muscle testing, and animal communication.  Her life is shared with her husband Rich of over 19 years and their four cats: Lili, Rocket, Gunner, and Aylen. Dr. Silver’s blog:  www.nurseyourpet.com e-commerce site:  wwwlwellpetdispensary.com Book:  Medical Marijuana & Your Pet… www.potforpets.com  

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