Riko’s Harmony Room with Riko’s Harmony Room

Riko’s Harmony Room - Riko’s Harmony Room with Riko Haramiishi – NFTS – Jan 20/16

January 20/16
with Riko Haramiishi

3RD Wednesday of the Month at 3pm PST / 6PM EST: Riko’s Harmony Room with Riko HaramiishiNow a qualified ThetaHealing® teacher and practitioner, Riko’s spiritual journey began from a very young age. Her Grandmother played an important role in the development of her appreciation for nature, spiritually and love, and Riko knew from a very early age that she would travel to London and Australia. Riko’s path led to a greater connection to spirituality and self-awareness by studying yoga, meditation and reflexology, and eventually incorporating ThetaHealing®. Since Riko discovered ThetaHealing® her whole life has changed, full of happiness!

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