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Shamanic Works - Shamanic Works with Laurie McNeil NFTS July-17-2018

July 16, 2018
with Laurie McNeill

9am pacific:


Shamanic Works with Laurie McNeil at 9AM PST on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month beginning September 20th , 2017 – Laurie McNeill has been practicing shamanic healing work for many years and accepting clients professionally for 11 years.  She undertakes all forms of healing work as well as divination, house and land clearing and blessing, drumming healing group facilitation and shamanic training.  Laurie has trained extensively in classical shamanism with The Sacred Trust, Dorset. She has also undertaken training with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ( ). Additionally, Laurie is a full mesa carrier (paqo, or shaman) in the Inka Andean tradition and an initiate of The Path of Pollen/Forest Path tradition.  When working with a client or group, Laurie calls on spirit and together they use whatever tools and methods are appropriate to the situation. Located in Minehead, Somerset, Laurie accepts clients from Somerset and Devon and will travel by arrangement. She also undertakes distance work.

TODAY:   There are a number of fundamental tools used by community shamanic practitioners, those who partner up with the spirits in order to bring healing, harmony and vitality into their communities. Amongst those tools are several we have talked about: gratitude, witness (seeing what is without judgement or expectation), and blessing. The tool we will be learning in July's show is befriending allies. We do not live alone in this world, and if we are to live with power we must know that and make the most of it by befriending those beings who are near us and whose sacred intelligence can teach us and help us and our communities in our lives. But how to go about it? Join Laurie to explore, meet and begin a friendship with several of our most fundamental allies. Bring a candle and your own good self.

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