Soul Growth & Healing with Holly Talarchyk

Soul Growth & Healing - Soul Growth & Healing with Holly “Developing your psychic abilities – Part Two.”

May 2, 2022
with Holly

1pm pacific:

Soul Growth & Healing with Holly on the 1st  and 3rd  Monday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST T

"Developing your psychic abilities; Connecting with Spirit so You Never Feel Alone - Part Two."

About Holly

Holly is a past life regressionist, quantum hypnosis facilitator, and a certified hypnotherapist. She began searching for her true purpose in life after a traumatic experience over 15 years ago, which led her down a path of emotional healing. She is passionate about sharing the knowledge she’s collected not only from her own journey, but from her client’s journeys as well. She is also passionate about helping others overcome life lessons, challenges, & more so they may continue on their own paths of emotional healing..

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