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Soul Sessions - Soul Sessions with Nina on News for the Soul Feb 7/22

February 7 2022
with Nina Raphaella Morrocco

Monday Feb 7, 2022:

11am pacific:

Soul Sessions with Nina on the 1st Friday of the Month at 11AM Pacific Starting in 2022


Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing through a highly advanced, life changing heart-based multidimensional energy healing.

Nina Raphaella Morrocco is a fully certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner from Scotland who facilitates life changing BQH and IQH sessions with her clients worldwide. She is also a mother, through a turbulent initiation and healing process, Nina was able to find Quantum healing hypnosis, in which felt a deep calling within to become a practitioner herself, alongside offering her quantum healing sessions, quantum evolution mentorships, coaching and oracle readings, for her clients, her intuitive and empathic proficiency allow her to tap in directly to the collective field. Through her own higher self channellings and the sharing of her clients higher-self collective messages for humanity, from their sessions, she strives to offer additional comfort, healing and upliftment during this incredible time of human evolutionary expansion and unfoldment.”

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