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Medium Shelley Sanders - “The Medium Shelley Sanders Show” TODAY: Connecting to a Healer Guide

July 21/22
with Shelley Sanders

noon pacific:

“The Medium Shelley Sanders Show”

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TODAY:  How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety by Connecting to a Healer Guide with guest Deborah Romero.

Deborah Romero is an Evidential Psychic Medium, Healer and Teacher who brings Awareness to raise Vibration with Love and Healing .  She Believes a soul to soul connection is one of the most precious gifts one can receive.
Teaching has brought her great Joy to witness the transformations & miracles of her students as they evolve spiritually.  She works with clients and students around the world sharing her Gift with Gratitude .
Transcend _with_Debbie is a platform she created  with the guidance of spirit  to help  likeminded  souls share their Passion , Inspiration, Knowledge , & Love .
Welcome to the place of clarity and spiritual guidance.
Are you at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take?  Do you need to get in touch with a love one on the other side, so you can heal and move forward in life?  Do you have questions about money, health, relationships, or spiritual growth?  Allow Shelley to connect into the spiritual realm to answer your most pressing questions, so you can move forward in every area of your life.  Shelley is a business intuitive and medium who is passionate about spiritual guidance, and understands the healing messages a reading can bring.  Clients use their time to get guidance with difficult situations at work, questions about retirement, how to monetize a spiritual business, love connections, and much more.
Tune in for clarity and spiritual guidance.

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