Transformational Learning with Diane Hill

Transformational Learning - Transformational Learning with Diane Dec 17/21 TODAY:  “A Blessed Pandemic”. 

December 17, 2021
with Diane Hill

noon pacific:

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Transformational Learning with Diane Hill on alternate Fridays at 1PM PST starting MAY 7TH, 2021.   


TODAY:  "A Blessed Pandemic". 

Our conversation will focus on how the pandemic has provided many people with an opportunity to re-evaluate their lives. Many people have been able to identify some very personal issues related to Trust, Worthiness and Belief as the building blocks of self-empowerment.
We would like to start with an introductory conversation and explain how we see that the pandemic has helped to push people towards the personal empowerment that comes with being able to trust one's self and to hold the belief in one's worthiness.
Then we would like you to open the lines as we invite any listeners who may be ready to share and to comment on which issue they feel they are working on.
We will be able to utilize our gifts and experience to provide feedback to anyone who would like to share their personal experience with us.
Diane Katsitsawaks HillA member of the Bear clan of the Mohawk Nation situated at the Six Nations of the Grand River (Haudenosaunee) Territory in Ontario, Diane works as an Integrative Programs Consultant and administrates the R.E.A.L. School (Reality Education & Applied Life skills) Leadership program at:  www.getrealschool.comDiane is also the Director, Owner & Operator of a private Healing Lodge & Learning Center entitled Ka’nikonhriyohtshera:  Fostering Emergence of the Good Mind.  She travels extensively in the delivery of these innovative wellness programs. All programs are situated in the context of an Indigenous worldview and incorporate recent research and discoveries drawn from the quantum sciences. Diane is a dynamic speaker and bridges the Western-Allopathic scientific perspective with the ancient Indigenous-Multi-dimensional approach to wholeness.  For more info, please visit her website at: or contact her via email at

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