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Nicole Marie Interviews - Trucker Freedom Convoy RADIO CHATTER HIGHLIGHTS … The Night Before It Begins Pt Two 14

January 28, 2022
with Freedom Convoy 2022

Highlights from The Freedom Convoy 2022 CB Feed! THE NIGHT BEFORE IT BEGINS...  PART TWO ...  JAN-28, 2022

So at this point we are now recording and editing simultaneously around the clock to broadcast coverage of the Trucker Freedom Convoy in Ottawa onward so as to serve as a source of in the moment info on what is actually happening in Ottawa as, unfortunately, it seems we can not rely on our mainstream media to do that based on what's occurred so far. The latest update from the truckers is the convoy is estimated at OVER 260 KMs long. 260 KMs. Stay tuned - we'll upload audio and updates throughout the weekend.

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