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Nicole Marie Interviews - Trucker Freedom Rally – Highlights From The Trucker Radio Chatter on DAY ONE – JAN 29/22; Ottawa Arrival

January 29, 2022
with Freedom Convoy 2022

Trucker Freedom Rally - Highlights From The CB Trucker Radio Chatter on DAY ONE - JAN 29TH, 2022; Ottawa Day One!

Hear directly from the Freedom Truckers and the people supporting them around the world 'in the moment' as the first day unfolds as they descend upon Ottawa and Parliament Hill.

So at this point we are now recording and editing simultaneously around the clock to broadcast coverage of the Trucker Freedom Convoy in Ottawa onward so as to serve as a source of in the moment info on what is actually happening in Ottawa as, unfortunately, it seems we can not rely on our mainstream media to do that based on what's occurred so far.

These audios are abridged highlights we've edited together from hours of radio chatter on the trucker feed so you can get the story in a short time and we will continue to broadcast these updates daily as things unfold

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