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True Insights - True Insights with Joe Gacoscos –Dec13-17 TODAY: Spiritual Path Readings and intuitive guidance…

Dec 13, 2017
with Joe Gacoscos

1pm pacific

TODAY:  Spiritual Path Readings and intuitive guidance…

True Insights with Joe Gacoscos – Wednesdays at 1PM PST on News for the Soul Radio – beginning Dec 6, 2017 – Joe Gacoscos is a Spiritual Energy Healer, Teacher and Coach based in San Diego, California. Joe teaches spiritual tools to help people connect to their true path and feel more confident about their life choices. Joe uses his well-developed clairvoyant abilities to provide spiritual guidance, spiritual counseling, and spiritual healing, helping clients and students become more spiritually awake and alive!

Joe’s message for you today:

As I check in with the energy of this time of year, many of us are at a place energy can be split. We’re thinking, -What did I accomplish last year? -What goals should I set for next year? -How do I know what goals I should be working on for next year? Some may be surprised to know that even being a spiritual teacher, I have a Master’s Degree in Quality Systems Management with a focus on Lean Six Sigma. From that vantage point, there are many methodologies for successfully setting up for intented outcomes and objectives. This is great for business and all, but do you know what these methodologies fail to take into account when setting up PERSONAL GOALS? On a more spiritual and personal level, they don’t often take into account really sinking into and checking to see if these are goals really ALIGNED to the core of your Being. Pursuing these goals without the spiritual alignment leaves you feeling less than fulfilled! It can be an empty pursuit! It’s no wonder why people quit on their goals not even a month into the new year! Can you relate? Last night I taught a workshop to “Discover Your Soul’s Goals” where I had my students really tap into the voice of Spirit. We covered: -What is Spirit saying? -How do I tap into this energy? -How do I set up so I can live 2018 in a more soul-aligned way? Starting with tomorrow’s show and weekly leading into the new year, I’ll share the 5 Steps to Discovering Your Soul’s Goals as covered in my workshop. I’ll share insights and meditations to help you connect more deeply with your true path. The first step covers clearing your energy field so you can connect more deeply to Spirit which I’ll cover on air. In future segments, we’ll cover connecting to the multiple dimensions of Spirit and your higher self. Live listeners can call in for an on air reading and healing for any blocks or to receive insights into your spiritual path at the soul level.

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