UniverSOUL Evolution with Wendy Luk

UniverSOUL Evolution - UniverSOUL Evolution with Wendy Luk Jan 27/22 TODAY:   Giving to Get verses Giving to Give

January 27, 2022
with Wendy Luk

1pm pacific:


UniverSOUL Evolution with Wendy Luk  at 1PM PST on the 4th Thursday of each month

TODAY:   Giving to Get verses Giving to Give


UniverSOUL Evolution

Wendy has been a facilitator for many transformational healings where an individual has released years of struggle and gained clarity to their true self.  She is extremely grateful to her spirit guides for the wonderful healing and guidance that has been received. Her passion is to share guidance, support, empower people to move forward and to enhance an individual to higher levels that they once thought unachievable.   SEE PROFILE >    

Soul Alignment Accelerator

Door Open for Soul Alignment Accelerator Sacred Vortex on 2/22/22 The Soul Alignment Accelerator is a 3 Month group program to heal and transmute your multiple soul wounds, unconscious beliefs and traumas blocking you from REMEMBERING who you truly are and what you came here to do. 3 Month transformation mentorship and empowerment 3 Month on-going Healing Vortex for Soul Evolution 12 Weekly Group energy sessions with Wendy 12+ Activations and quantum healing Learn powerful energy techniques Private Facebook Group Support Sacred Space to express your Authentic Self Mentoring Q & A calls
As the consciousness of humanity is rising, people are experiencing confusion. As Starseed and Lightworker, we need to step up to guide the way for them. But first,  we need to get aligned and embrace our purposes! The world and humanity is not being served if you are playing small.
Imagine you can: ✓ (RE)CONNECT with your Divine Guidance Team – your Higher Self, your Soul, your Spirit Guides and Star Family. ✓ ACTIVATE remembrance of your Soul Mission and step into inspired action! ✓ ALIGN your life and your business with your Soul’s highest intentions for purposeful creativity, freedom and abundance. ✓ ACCELERATE your evolution with tools and techniques that unlock your spiritual potential. Here is the link to join the Sacred Vortex of Soul Alignment Accelerator Info and registration at: Tinyurl.com/SAA3M

Calling for Starseeds, Lightworkers, Empaths, Intuitives, Healers, Mystics, Creatives, Channelers, Spiritual Seekers to shine your Light!

It is vital for you to be activated in your Starseed & Lightworker Power, in order for you to fulfill your mission. Free Soul Essence Activation DAY 1 - Physical Accession Attunement DAY 2 - Fear Transmutation DAY 3 - Sacred Heart Space Activation DAY 4 - Psychic Activation & Light Language Transmission DAY 5 - Soul Mission Activation
  • You feel overwhelmed in life, AND you are willing to shift your mindset toward empowerment
  • You are a Starseed and/or Lightworker and know there's a greater depth you can tap in to
  • You feel like you’re not fully in the driver’s seat of your life
  • You desire to understand your purpose and abilities
  • You feel stuck in one or more areas of your life (career, family, leadership, spirituality, health, financial freedom)
  • You feel that personal/spiritual growth, freedom, and peace ARE attainable
  • You believe you have a soul purpose for being here and desire to attain alignment with that purpose
  • You have buried, untapped, or unknown strengths that need igniting
  • You desire more freedom, flexibility, and joy
  • You desire to embrace your Authentic Self and fulfill what you came here to do
5 Day FREE Live Activation & Soul Healing for Radiant Souls who desire to make a difference in the world. ? What if I can't make it live? You can experience the activations from replays even if you can't attend live. For more info and register at: tinyurl.com/5DAySEA For 1:1 Soul Healing Session: Dive deep to clear original creations of issues in all levels of consciousness. https://www.compassionatehealings.com/soul-healing.html

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