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Full Soul Readings - Vanessa Orr-Sept-20-2018 Calling In Angels, Guides & Astral Beings For Divined Assistance

Sept 20, 2018
with Vanessa Orr MBA

TODAY:    Calling In Angels, Guides & Astral Beings For Divined Assistance

 Full Soul Readings with Vanessa Orr MBA on alternate Thursdays at noon PST starting July 12, 2018  – Vanessa is an intuitive psychic medium certified in Usui Reiki. Reiki is energy healing and it is amazing to work with Reiki and Divine Light. Vanessa can see the energies at work and you can feel the healing infuse. Intrigued with the healing results her clients received, Vanessa augmented her studies with dowsing, feng shui and continued studies and modalities in emotion and cord clearing, angel readings, past life regression work, numerology and charts, psychic readings, clearing properties and crystal work. She helps people settle debates, feuds, estates, suits and disputes. Vanessa connects people and animals with truth and healing.

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