Deliberate Manifesting with Meniyka Kiravell


DELIBERATE MANIFESTING on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 1pm pacific starting Tuesday Sept. 21st, 2021


Hello and welcome! I’m Meniyka, a practical heart-centered life coach, healer and artist based out of San Diego, CA. My greatest passion is to empower each and every one of us to step into our true potential and live our lives with greater harmony, enthusiasm, clarity and joy.

I specialize in energy clearing, deliberate manifesting and transformation at the deepest levels. My coaching, soul speak and energy clearing sessions are one-on-one breakthrough experiences offered in person, remotely, over the phone, or video. Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions are in person half-day sessions that offer instantaneous relief and transformation physically, emotionally and mentally.

Everything including ourselves is energy. As human beings we are blessed with the ability to mold energy (All That Is) with our thoughts, beliefs and focus. Let me help you develop the tools to write, direct and act in the story of your life with greater clarity, energy, alignment and confidence.

Here on this site, you can find tips on meditation, wellness, & holistic practices through my Vibrational Sciences Blog.  Along with this, I share an array of my personal creative works ranging from poetry to piano jazz to paintings.

Want to create more of something in your life? Get started with my opening Youtube video: Deliberate Manifesting.

To schedule a deliberate manifesting, wellness life coaching or QHHT session with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out or book directly here

Empowering fellow human BE-ings is my greatest passion.   It would be my honor and joy to connect with you!



What is Deliberate Manifesting?


Deliberate manifesting is being intentional and aware of your inner world, consciously calling into your life the experiences you want more of.

Whether it is choosing your company, or seeing gifts in every situation & person, allow me to help as your life coach. Even if it’s something you don’t like, you now have more information on what you prefer.

I help clients shift their perspective; making their mind their best ally, listening to their heart, and hearing their intuition. Get clarity and inner peace through positive thinking, meditation practices, and cleansing old energy.

Deliberate manifesting is about getting in the drivers seat of this ride we call life. It’s not controlling or micromanaging from a place of fear or insecurity – it’s the complete opposite. A deliberate manifesting coach helps you find clarity in your decisions and actions. Deliberate manifesting is finding natural patience, because there is trust and faith in what is to come. Allow me to help you take responsibility in your attitude and practice.












A Heart Centered Life Coach Specializing in Deliberate Manifesting, Mindset and Profound Transformation.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to start flowing through life from the state of possibility in a natural way that doesn’t feel like you are struggling, forcing, or lying to yourself?

I’m a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping), Soul Speak (understanding the underlying messages via your body and physical health), hypnosis (QHHT) practitioner and lifelong meditator.   I use an array of customized techniques to deliberately manifest the life of my dreams for myself and others. The methods I use are specifically used to reprogram the subconscious mind, lay down empowering foundational beliefs, circumventing the often doubting, defeated, and cynical conscious mind so that new habits, positive ways of thinking and clear intuition feel and become natural. We also uproot and transform any traumas or negative programming that you’ve picked up along your life journey whether it be from childhood or from societal and cultural bias. The result: memories of pain and discomfort turn to wisdom, self acceptance, love, clarity and optimism become your new MO.



  • Learn meditation and experience the radiating peace of true inner silence

  • A more peaceful mind so you can perceive your thoughts and what you are vibing more clearly

  • Natural enthusiasm and inspiration instead of ‘efforting’

  • Getting to know yourself better than ever

  • Mastery of your own emotions and mind

  • Feeling self-empowered

  • Increasing your ability to positively influence your relationships and environment

  • Becoming a natural at being a solution finder

  • Removing and eliminating limiting beliefs and emotions

  • Release negative trauma and associated stories transforming pain into wisdom

After working together, expect an improvement in every aspect of your life. When we clean up our energy, the change is reflected back to us via improved relationships, better timing, enhanced abilities, prosperity, vitality, feelings of well-being, confidence and more. 


Before scheduling, I offer a 10 minute complimentary consultation. After our consultation, please book here. I accept multiple forms of payment including Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card and Bitcoin. 

The first official session will consist of identifying your goals and blocks (conflicting thoughts to allowing what you want), starting with the most effective technique(s) for reprogramming your pattern of thinking and telling a new story. We will look at your foundational beliefs thoroughly. Once we get the ball rolling, the subsequent sessions include step by step guidance reviewing and fine-tuning your action steps. Following each session, I send you a written summary of the session along with the recommended suggestions.

Ultimately our goal is to enable you to get into flow with what it is you want so that it begins unfolding in a natural and effortless way. Life is supposed to be fun and easy. If this hasn’t been your experience, get in touch with me because thousands of people like myself do have this experience on a daily basis.

It is your birth-right to be happy, at ease, empowered, and inspired!





11 Things about Meniyka Kiravell


1. What was your first moment of ‘beyond 3d normal awakening’?  

2009 was really pivotal for me. I had incredible otherworldly experiences since adolescence through astral projection, meditation and psychedelics but it wasn’t until a special experience I had during a meditation while in Perth, Australia that I started along a new trajectory.
At the time I was studying myofascial work and iridology and living with some fellow meditators. I sat down for my evening meditation which was really lovely and peaceful when out of nowhere my late father who had passed away in 2002 entered into my sphere of awareness. It was very much like an interactive vision of sorts. Moments prior, I had been chatting with one of my guide’s in my mind’s eye.
My history with my father had been tumultuous at best. When he transitioned I had felt that a burden had been lifted- our relationship was such that I wasn’t sorry to see him go. I had already had beliefs of “life after life” here on earth, so from this perspective, I knew he had just transitioned from this world to another kind. I wished him as well as I was able and didn’t think much of him practically or figuratively. When I did, it wasn’t with fondness.
Therefore, my initial reaction upon seeing my late father was that of dismay. However, my guide interjected and requested that I hear my father out, it would be good for me. I looked at my father and he said, “I’ll keep this succinct. I’m so sorry for the way I treated you and your mother, I didn’t have the knowledge or the power to do better in that lifetime.”
The words didn’t fully sink in at first. My guide then looked at me and handed me giant golden shears and asked me to cut the cord between me and my father. (I had never known about cords before this and had never consciously heard about the golden shears technique until studying NLP a year later). I sarcastically responded “with pleasure.” However as I proceeded to snip, the sheers stopped what seemed like millimeters away from this incredibly fine silvery cord. In what seemed like an instant, my consciousness expanded and I had access to and experienced both my father and I in thousands of varying relationships in different forms. Sometimes friends, lovers, strangers, neighbors, brothers, partners, siblings… you name it.
For the first time consciously I experienced a sliver of the multi-dimensional beings we are. I couldn’t grok it all in that moment, it would take me time to unpack it. I then cut the cord.
The next day I woke up with incredible pain in my thoracic spine behind my heart chakra. I could barely breathe. I barely made it to my iridology class. There were some intuitives in the class and one of them could see energy. She exclaimed that energies and colors representing rage and bitterness were being released from the back of my body. She said I would feel better in 48 hours.
I did feel better after 48 hours. But what happened next over the following two months blew my mind- and my perspective on life would never be the same. I started to receive letters from old friends, people I had misunderstandings with, fall outs and so on asking for my forgiveness! People apologizing to me for things I had been unaware of prior to. In forgiving my father I released bitter trapped emotions from my body, field and heart that had been sabotaging my energy, life and relationships.
This started me on the path to compassion, forgiveness and seeing things from a broader perspective. It helped me connect the dots between our internal world of feelings and vibrations and the external reality we experience. There is so much more, but this was awakening on a whole new level. 
2. Who is your favourite teacher, book and movie? 
My mother (she’s the most beautiful example of unconditional love), The Game of Life by Florence Schovel Shinn, Star Wars: A New Hope
3. What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had?
In Summer 2016 I attended a CE-5 ET Contact retreat in Mount Shasta followed by a week with two colleagues in Lassen Volcanic National Park and then another retreat with the Rahma group from Peru who specialize in inter-dimensional ET contact. I was with my friend Megan who had been into ET contact for a few years through work with Stephen Greer and her friend Dave, a commercial airline pilot who had become a believer after seeing UFO’s en route.
Megan and I were calling in contact with a biological being, we both felt we were ready for this and had already had multiple experiences with energy beings, channeling and so forth.
Our first night in Lassen, we set up our camp and after dinner we were chatting and watching the stars when Megan spotted something in the sky we refer to as a flash bulb. The UFO was flying across the night sky parallel to the horizon. It flashed in and out of perception 13 times before splitting into 3 distinct objects. 2 of which continued along the horizon and one of which descended downwards till disappearing from view. We all agreed it was a fantastic sighting! Shortly after around 10:30pm we called it a night and each of us went to our respective tents.
I often wake up around 3:30/4am for meditation and this night was no different. However, when I awoke a voice that was not my own spoke to me and said “come outside!” My heart started beating and I asked “Who is this?” Then I heard footsteps outside the back of my tent. I started to panic and I heard the voice within my mind  say again “come outside.”  I apologized to whoever this was and said I needed to calm down first, so I began to meditate and it was such a powerful meditation that I actually went beyond what had happened and entered into a euphoric silence. After 30-40 minutes I came to and once again the voice said “come outside.” My mind remained calm but my body was reacting violently, adrenylin rushing through my system. I responded “look, I thought I was ready, but if I see a little grey alien, I’m going to lose it, can you show yourself as something neutral like an orb or something?” The sound of footsteps commenced again and then faded. No answer.
When I meditate, if my vibration gets too high and I enter into sleep directly afterwards without grounding myself and bringing myself down to a more earthly plane, I will automatically astral project. I’ve been astral projecting since I can remember and have only brought it under control through a series of grounding techniques.
I was so caught up in the moment that I neglected to ground myself before falling back asleep. And so, I quickly popped out of my body, floated out of the tent and beside our little camp was a giant round craft with panels all about. I floated through the walls of the craft and once inside, the craft descended.  (There were other beings present- although I didn’t really pay much attention to them and don’t recall their appearance.) The craft was incredible and one could see through the walls and all around. Instead of ascending into the sky as I would have imagined, it descended directly down into the earth. Perhaps through a portal, perhaps to the inner earth, I have no idea, but shortly thereafter we were flying high over a giant futuristic city with a huge marble/quartz esplanade and fountain separating the two sides of the city. (Very much like Hong Kong or Istanbul being separated into two sides by a wide river.) There was a large more archaic structure that stood above the rest that reminded me very much of Gaudi’s Sangre de Familia in Barcelona.  The craft flew overhead and in my subtle body form I found myself with just a thought in the tower of this ancient library. Standing beside me was a tall robed being with long spindly fingers. In front of us was a giant book with crystals and such that reminded me of a magical grimoire. The being whose face I could not see, just his hooded profile, opened the large book and began showing me something. He pointed at a page within the giant book. I then lost consciousness.
The following morning I asked the other’s about their night and Megan responded she woke up around 4am and was really spooked. She was too spooked to leave her tent to go to the restroom, she couldn’t explain why. I then shared my experience.
When we went to the Rahma retreat the following weekend, we experienced some uncanny synchronicities including a gentleman who had been documenting something his colleagues and him were calling invisible footsteps that occur after flashbulb sightings with over a dozen flashes. Pretty specific to our experience, strange and amazing!
4. What’s one interesting thing we do not know about you yet?
I’m very open to all walks of life. I love the way spirit looks at life. Nothing is negative, it’s just out of harmony and simply a phase. From another perspective it would not be perceived as negative at all. Another thing: I think fun/joy/play along with learning/growth/wisdom are what life on earth is really about. It’s all good though! Wherever we are in our journey is absolutely perfect. Sometimes, it’s easy to take things too seriously when we’re too close to things. I like to zoom out and look things from as broad of a perspective as I can manage. 
5. What do you feel your true life purpose to be?
To enjoy life and be unconditional in my state of being. 
6. What’s your favourite animal? Hm… I love them all. I adore puppies and dolphins.
7. What’s your favourite consciousness or energy ‘exercise’ that helps you stay connected, grounded and ‘tuned in’ in a good way?  Laughing!
8.  What’s your favourite music / song / musical artist? I don’t think I can narrow this one down. I love what I call medicinal downtempo bass music, medicine songs- icaros and such as well as spiritual world music.
9. What’s your favourite food? Again hard to narrow down, I love gourmet vegan gluten free cuisine.
10. What excites your creative juices?
Conscious festivals full of cutting edge visionary art, music and healing.
11. What’s the one thing you’d like to “shamelessly self promote” here today? 
A life coaching session with me. Change your perspective, change your life! I specialize in shifting perspective to shift your energy. It all began for me when I saw my father in a completely new way. Once we begin to see the gifts in everything whether preferred or not, life becomes a gift and as Bashar says “you’ll be opening presents for the rest of your life!”

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