Full Soul Readings with Vanessa Orr

Full Soul Readings with Vanessa Orr MBA on alternate Thursdays at noon PST starting July 12, 2018  




Analyst.    Intuitive Psychic Coach.

Psychic Medium.    Energy Healer.

Akashic Records Reader.   Past Life Reader.


I am Vanessa Orr, MBA. I am an analyst inasmuch as I am an intuitive psychic medium.

Readings are like taking a book off a shelf and reading it aloud to you. These are the Akashic Records and it is an honor to read from what I discern are “Living Chronicles.”

My gifts and talents have been with me my whole life and have proven to benefit everyone who asks for my help.

In 2014, I certified in Usui Reiki. As soon as I became an attuned Usui Reiki practitioner, my gifts and talents absolutely soared. Reiki is energy healing and it is amazing to work with Reiki and Divine Light. I can see the energies at work and you can feel the healing infuse.

Intrigued with the healing results my clients received, I augmented my studies with dowsing, feng shui and continued studies and modalities in emotion and cord clearing, angel readings, past life regression work, numerology and charts, psychic readings, clearing properties and crystal work.

I find lost things and people. I connect people: here and elsewhere.

My gifts help people settle debates, feuds, estates, suits and disputes. My talents bore through misconceptions (lies). I connect people (and animals) with truth and healing. I am honored to be a part of improving lives.

It is important to own truth in your career, your business, the marketplace, in relationships, in every facet of your life. The pursuit of better is found here.

Success Stories with Lion Vine Grace:

  • Clearing of real estate properties for sale
  • Real estate development readings
  • Crystal grid work
  • Usui Reiki practice (long distance and office meetings)
  • Transition work
  • Clearing of migraines (these are psychic headaches)
  • Clearing of body ache issues
  • Forecasting events
  • Resolving past events
  • Past life reading analysis
  • Fraud cases
  • Lost property
  • Estate settlements
  • Grief and Trapped Emotion Clearings
  • PTSD Clearings
  • Career readings
  • Photograph readings
  • Ley Line readings and clearings


Unblock what blocks you. Own truth in where your career should move for greater potential.

Tired of being lied to by others? Let’s shift you out of stuck and into quantum drive.

Attract the right people in career, relationship and personal accelerations.

Own your market sector. Attract the right people. Move forward with ease and speed.



Stage fright. Fear of heights. Illness.

Inexplicable Phobias. Fatigue.

Allergies. Eating disorders. Addictions.

Book online for a reading to eliminate these hidden issues and have better now.

These and other issues emanate from:

  • Grief
  • PTSD
  • Fears and phobias
  • Trapped traumas from any lifetime
  • Trapped traumas from ancestors
  • Unwitting recipient of ill will, negative actions propagated towards you by others: any lifetime
  • Migraines (these are always psychic headaches)
  • Restoration of alienated and estranged relationships
  • Money blocks



Past life readings reveal so much about the positive and the negative relative to this lifetime.

We have lived many lifetimes. We have many soul contracts in this lifetime and other lifetimes.

Have you ever walked into a space, a house, a building and thought, “This is so familiar! I’ve been here before!”….but this experience, this space, this house, this building….none of this was from this lifetime.

Have you ever met someone and you both had the same instantaneous moment of recognition?

“Where have we met before?” only to realize…neither of you had met before…in this lifetime. The odds are that this is a past life reconnecting in this lifetime. Its a thing.

Past life readings:

  • connect dots and manifest clarity
  • explain dreams and/or visitations
  • answer questions
  • resolve matters
  • resolve and/or give introspection into health issues
  • clear up relationship problems
  • move problems out of the way so you can experience better, attract better, have better



Vanessa’s website:  http://lionvinegrace.com/for-personal/


Vanessa’s New Website:  https://www.fullsoulreadings.com


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