Healing with Jewelz with Julie Stewart

Healing with Jewelz On the 2ND Wednesday of the month at 9am pst / noon est Beginning February 14th 2018


About Julie aka Jewelz:


Julie Stewart is an international and impactful Author, Speaker, Healer, Empath and Influential Coach.


Being the heart of an Empath it has taught her to use her body as an instrument to root out deep truth.


Her natural ability to see, hear and feel energy around has been her guiding force leading her on a destined path.


After many dark nights of the soul, she finally began to trust her abilities more and more.


After choosing to build the bridge to her own happiness she was visited by Angels at the tender age of 22; this playing a major role in her own self discovery, her ability to heal and receive meaningful messages.


As a women of devotion with a deep desire for the truth she knows her journey will always be in a commitment to continue discovering and being this.


After being called back home to God she now knows that being and trusting yourself to lead is one of the most inspiring habits to give this world.


Her natural love and geniune passion to help others mend their emotional and scarcity mindsets is what makes her so good at what she does.


Julie’s Childrens Book:  








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Julie’s Childrens Book:  


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