Intuitive Health Solutions with Adam Fulmore

Intuitive Health Solutions with Adam Fulmore on the 1st Tuesday of the Month at 3pm pacific starting October 1st, 2019



Adam Fulmore knows what it feels like to be lost, broken, out of balance and helpless. He struggled with digestive problems, back and neck pain, insomnia, and severe insecurities, fears, irritability and worries for years.

By going through his own struggles, it led him to believe there must be more to life than being in pain and stressed out. This actually brought about synchronicity into his life.

Adam was intuitively guided to study several forms of Holistic Medicine, including becoming a Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), 5yr Medical Qigong apprenticeship, Theta Healing, Western Herbology, Ayurvadic Medicine, Meditation, West Coast Shamanic Medicine, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Chi Nei Tsuang and Aromatherapy.

When Adam was in his mid-twenties he met a very high-level Medical Qigong Master, Ming Qwan who taught him Medical Qigong and how to heal with it. Adam had studied Qigong before in martial arts classes, but this qigong was different. The results he saw were amazing. This Qigong not only balanced one physically, emotionally and spiritually, but the healing power far surpassed any forms of holistic healing Adam had done in the past.

Shortly after starting to practice Medical Qigong, Adam learned he could do Distance Healing as effectively as well as he did it in person.

Since then Adam has developed and fine tuned his intuitive and healing abilities. Now Adam helps people find the root cause of their chronic symptoms and stress, without making it complicated, so they can heal, thrive and have a second chance on life.



Adam helps people through Distance Healing Sessions and his Balanced Health Membership.  Through these services Adam is able to help his clients heal on an energetic level, which transforms them physically, mentally and emotionally.  Adam is dedicated to creating optimal health and wellness for his clients across the globe….  Just like the time he helped Julia Eubanks.


“I had been suffering from low thyroid, estrogen dominance, lots of hormonal problems as well as chronic pain, anxiety and I was always tired and had a deep sadness within me. I also had what doctors called unexplained infertility. I am 29 and felt that I am way too young to have all these health issues. I never felt doctors helped me in any way, always wanting to just cover up my problems with medicines that would cause me more health problems. As I was praying for guidance and a healing I came across this site Intuitive Health Solutions. I usually turn away but this voice told me to stay and look around. I was then told by my angels to sign up for healing from Adam Fulmore. Long story short I signed up for 3 Distance Healing Sessions for hormone and emotional issues. It was a lot of work even on my part to release this energy to be set free. A lot of crying a lot of talking and a lot of healing. My back no longer hurts I feel great emotionally and spiritually and then the most shocking after two years of seeing doctors about my infertility… after our last healing in October I found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. This to me is amazing and I give the healings done by Adam full credit to this miracle.”

Adam has a variety of different Services depending on your needs.


Distance Healing Sessions:

Balanced Health Membership:



If you are struggling with chronic symptoms and stress and are ready to heal without making it complicated so you can thrive.  Sign up for Distance Healing Sessions.

If you want to raise your vibration and develop your spiritual superpowers.  Sign up for Heart Opening Healing.

If you would like ongoing help, healing, dietary advice, health protocols and even assistance developing your intuitive at an incredible deal.  Sign up for the Balanced Health Membership. 





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